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The Cherishing

The Cherishing

Every few months in a year, we would gather for the Cherishing. Men and women, boys and girls like me, dressed in the most radiant clothing in the world. 234 more words



if only i had
looked as large as
i felt inside

my pains might
run for the hills
and forget me

but i don’t think… 8 more words


'Gods And Goddesses, Ancient Greek Mythology Documentary'

The world of the Ancient Greeks lives on today through its mythology. For countless generations prior to biblical times, tales of gods and goddesses were passed down by storytellers and interwoven into traditions and philosophies. 42 more words

Health And Education

春花厌 ❀宠妾要潜逃 (Chun Hua Yan @ Chong Qie Yao Qian Tao)

No of Episodes: 41

Author: 黑颜 (Hei Yan)

Female Voice: 龄之姑娘 (Líng Zhī Gū Niáng)

Audiobook        Ebook


If you like 赤雪情殇 (Chì Xuě Qíng Shāng) 6,413 more words

Chinese Audio Book

Hero's Journey

The Hero’s Journey Has Ancient Origins Yet Can Be Applied To Everyday Life and Situations

The familiar structure of nearly every story ever told. Understand the Hero’s Journey so you can BE the hero.