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The Promise of Childhood

Marc Crepon, one of the renowned French philosophers in the academia today, had “The Promise of Writing” as one of the subtitles in one of his many readings on Jacques Derrida. 917 more words


Cultural Cuisine

I’ve had some funky food around the world, and I’ve documented the best! I realize I need to work on my culinary photography, I’m trying I promise!


Why Do You Read My Blog?

Why do you read my blog? What draws you in? Do you do it to tickle my fancy? Do you do it because my content actually interests you? 103 more words


The Bushwalker

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Blur.”

I have heaps of photos, so I am sure that if I were to go through all of them I would come up with more than a few to post here.

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Why You Should Invest in a Chromebook

How terrible would it be to take your $1,200 Macbook Pro, the one that has your entire life on it, on a trip and have something happen to it? 395 more words


Signs of Spring

There are no robins yet, nor buds on the trees or in the garden.  There have been a few warm days, but the temperature can barely keep itself above freezing.  215 more words

And Everything (Else)

Happiness is...

When you live somewhere – be that the Red Light District in Amsterdam, Matamata in New Zealand, in an apartment overlooking the Eiffel tower, the Australian… 195 more words