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Day 1 of our walk challenge was a success. A good beginning is half the job done! We ended up walking for 50 minutes. I’m sure this won’t happen every day; I’m sure there will be days we’ll struggle. 53 more words

And Everything Else

1t5s: on experiences

I want to be a person that doesn’t need things; I don’t want closets full of clothes; a house stuffed with things; the fanciest tv, newest computer, most modern kitchen appliences; I don’t want to want them – and that’s a conscious decision. 118 more words

And Everything Else

Gain Followers On Instagram: Best Hashtags to Grow Your Network

The social networking form of reaching audiences is ever growing. Nowadays, most people have a Twitter, an Instagram, a Facebook, a Pinterest, a Google+, etc etc. 158 more words


1t5s: on cats

Throughout my life I have had five cats. Cats are awesome! Here’s why:

There was Maxi who was with us for over two decades; Roeti (who was pitchblack) dissapeared after she had her litter; Toeli was a crazy cute lion-like weirdo and the only boy. 19 more words

And Everything Else

1t5s: on volunteering

I’ve done a lot of volunteering throughout my three decades. I translated letters for Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos while in university. In Nepal, my brother and I worked in the vegetable garden of an orphanage. 61 more words


Top 10 Benefits of Having a Facebook Page

Andy reached out to me asking to write a guest post! Of course I said yes; who am I to withhold information from my readers! Take a look! 783 more words


1t5s: on breathing

I remember when I was little and my mum would tell my brother and I to lay down on the bed and breathe. She would tell us to concentrate on our breathing and follow our breath in its circulation through our body. 62 more words

And Everything Else