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Winged Futility

He beats himself against the window
framed in a square of watery winter light
while behind him
stretches the wide, wide-open door
but he
is futility, winged. 24 more words

"My Love for Dogs"

Last Sunday, I decided to have a walk in Km.4 Bacbacan which is 1 kilometer away from where I live. I usually do this every Sunday or Saturday because it is one of my favorite rituals as it’s my way to get my body moving, get some fresh air into my lungs, and to grab some time just to be out there-moving. 802 more words


Apple Harvest

At the start of the year, when we decided to move–when I cringed at the thought of ripping out all the emotional threads I’ve sewn into this place–I secretly thought, “Oh!  526 more words

Six Years

In 2018, my grandparents on both sides of my family will celebrate their sixtieth wedding anniversaries.

Shaun and I marked six years of marriage on November fifth. 321 more words

"Types of Footwear every Girl must have"

Hi everyone! It’s already November…how do I begin? Sorry..I haven’t posted in a while again because things were awful and I really felt down these past few weeks. 599 more words


Be Kind, Be Inspired

There was, or there were junctures in the past when just about anything can inspire me to pen a jumble of either nonsensical, profound or passably read-worthy thoughts. 332 more words

And Everything Else

"5 Amazing Tourist Spots in Sagada"

Hi! Sagada is one of the most popular travel destinations in Mountain Province. I suppose, you already heard several times this place which is being labeled as… 751 more words