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Vintage Metallica Tee 90s And Justice for All

Can you guess what year this article was from?


As much as I love Coppola‘s Godfather films and Lumet‘s Serpico (1973) and Dog Day Afternoon (1975), films that star Al Pacino and that helped distinguish him among the best actors of his generation, it is without fail that the first film that comes to mind when Pacino is mentioned is the 1979 satirical courtroom drama… 1,948 more words

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Turbine Philosophy #15 - Great movies, Wonderful experiences

This week we’re going to the movies, to talk about certain moments I’ve witnessed and have impacted me one way or another, and I’d like to share that with you. 931 more words

Turbine Philosophy

Metallica's Most Underrated Album

On September 6, 1988, the much ballyhooed follow-up to one of the greatest metal albums was released, “…And Justice For All”.  The album by Metallica was the first to be released since the untimely death of Cliff Burton.   426 more words


Cover Thursday: Korn (Metallica)- One

Back in 2003, MTV did an ICON tribute to Metallica. Of all the performances of the evening, there was only one performance that really still stood out during that evening, and that was Korn’s version of “One.” Korn has done a bunch of covers over the years and sadly most have fallen flat, but their rendition of “One” is a highlight. Check it out!


Cover Thursday

Plant Seeds of Understanding

After a full day of hearing a sermon about social injustice, singing and hearing songs about it, and then watching a documentary about the problems immigrants to our country face, I felt compelled to ‘do something’, beyond writing my legislators- yet again. 318 more words

Community Building

Here's Your Sign

Occasionally (ok, fairly often) I see problems in our environment, society, political system-you name it- that have obvious origins or solutions. And in case it’s not clearly obvious to you too, I make it my job to point them out. 164 more words

And Justice For All