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1988 Albums: Metallica's "...And Justice For All"

Metallica’s 1988 album “…And Justice for All” is based completely on environmental and political injustice in society. This album started Metallica’s rise to fame, as it ended up being the band’s second-best-selling album, right after their self titled album that they released three years after this one. 243 more words


“…And Justice For All” Mixer Steve Thompson Says Metallica “Have No Desire” To Remix The Album For The Deluxe Edition

Despite the fact that Jason Newsted‘s bass parts are buried in the mix, Metallica apparently “have no desire” to remix “…And Justice For All” for the upcoming deluxe edition. 544 more words


Sidewinder's View: ...And Justice For All (1979) [SPOILERS]

Pacino’s idealistic defense attorney may mean well, but he’s frequently negligent with his case load, easily distracted by personal crises, and winds up not only getting two of his clients killed, and an admitted rapist a likely mistrial, but he tries to shift blame for those blunders onto other people. 153 more words

It’s For Real!

And I never have a punctutation, let alone an exclamation mark in my post titles, so you know it is.

It’s finally happening. Years of struggling and going unnoticed, and it’s finally happening. 243 more words


The Albums That Changed Us: ...And Justice For All [‘88]

Music is the soundtrack to our lives. That’s a ridiculously trite and smarmy phrase, but it’s true. Everything we do is set in some way to music. 1,623 more words


Metallica - "...And Justice for All" (1988)

Metallica are one of the big four bands in the thrash metal genre accredited with forming and popularizing the thrash metal sound (the other three being Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax). 476 more words


My Unsophisticated Twin Describes Movies For You (Part Two)

…AKA “Well, I guess, that’s one way to put it (in 25 words or less)”…