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Hardwired... to rise again.

Metallica fans are divided into two main groups.
One group is made of people who heard the “Black album”, snorted and cried “Sellouts!” then vowed never to listen to this band ever!11!!!1!~ 590 more words
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Musik dan memori

Artikel di atas muncul di timeline FB aku beberapa minggu lepas. Malangnya aku tidak sempat untuk duduk dan baca, only thing yang aku sempat buat adalah “save link” di FB. 159 more words

And Justice For All

…And Justice for All (1988-1990)

28 stycznia 1988 Metallica weszła do One On One Studios w Los Angeles, aby nagrać czwarty album studyjny. Współpraca z nowym producentem okazała się jednak niezadowalająca i w marcu 1988 zespół rozpoczął nagrania od nowa. 178 more words


Album Rank: Metallica (Updated)

Since Metallica released Hardwired… To Self Destruct, I haven’t been able to take it out of rotation. In fact I don’t think I’ll be able to for quite some time. 76 more words

Album Rank

Retrospective: Metallica

Not sure if you heard, but a few people have an opinion on the new Metallica record. I know…crazy, right? Those guys haven’t done anything in like, 30 years! 1,019 more words

Daily Heresy

My Rock and Roll Journey: Michael Del Pizzo - Sunflower Dead - Chapter 2

Written by Michael Del Pizzo (Sunflower Dead)

“People Suck! Guns n Roses? Metallica? Death Metal… Hell, I Can Do That!”

Hello there again rock n roll world! 1,272 more words


Track of the Day – “Moth into Flame” by Metallica

Bobby Bevilacqua

One of the first metal bands I ever listened to was Metallica. Like most people, I had heard some of their most famous songs in passing but never sat down and listened to their other songs or records. 431 more words