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You can blame Lars Ulrich for the lack of bass on Metallica's ... And Justice For All

Although Metallica’s 1988 album … And Justice For All was mostly well-received by critics, it has one flaw that’s been cited time and time again by longtime fans: the lack of bass guitar. 490 more words


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I read that the bass was lowered as a tribute to Cliff Burton...???

Why lack of bass guitar on Metallica's "And Justice For All" album? It's because Lars didn't want any....

While Metallica is one of my favorite bands, the one thing that I will admit that they are not good with is “sound quality” for their albums. 234 more words


Carry On Warriors

Ordinarily I use this blog to offer ideas that my readers in Tennessee (and beyond!) might embrace to help them cultivate resilience at home and in their communities. 514 more words

Adapting To Change

Album Rundown: Metallica

One of the most awesome things about blogging is that inspiration can strike at any moment, and it come from the least expected of sources. Last month, I received a comment on my… 1,899 more words



by Adam Perry for IronVelo.com
February 12, 2015

A few months ago, I saw Topeak’s sleek Tri DryBag being sold online for just $19 and had to get it. 305 more words

Thrashback Thursday: “One” by Metallica

I know what you’re thinking: “Ides has lost it. The old boy’s gone senile and forgotten that he just featured Metallica in last week’s Thrashback Thursday!” 22 more words

Heavy Metal

Iconic Songs: Metallica - One

From the moment the song opens with the sounds of battle you know you’re listening to something special. Based around a World War 1 soldier who is severely injured, blind & unable to communicate or move (except for his head), he is returned home to await his slow death. 161 more words

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