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Harvester of Sorrow, Metallica

Harvester of Sorrow, Metallica
…And Justice for All (1988)
Bassist: Jason Newsted

Harvester of Sorrow was the first single released from, Metallica’s 1988 album, … 315 more words


NEWS: Metallica Producer Says Newsted ‘Was Never Treated With Respect'

By Ken Kelley

A long, simmering bone of contention among Metallica fans is the lack of audible bass guitar on their landmark 1988 record … And Justice for All. 516 more words

Solving Serious Mysteries Rather Un-Seriously

Season 8, Episodes 12, 13 & 14 (The Blame Game)(And Justice for All)(G.D.S.)

It is always fun to solve a locked-room puzzle, even a deadly one, and… 1,088 more words


Review: Castle 8.13

I wasn’t all that crazy about this one, but from what I’ve read online so far, it seems like other people enjoyed it. I may have just not been in the right mood for it, so I’m going to do this one in more of a quick hits style. 529 more words