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A difficult piece of wisdom for me was actually “stop making choices”. Of course as humans it’s almost impossible.., but then you might begin to value the “priceless” choices you are capable of making! 138 more words


Thank You, Robin

Robin Williams

July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014


Pinocchio: Our Story

Reading the recent wingmakers article, I realized that the story of Pinocchio  borrowed heavily from the Sumerian origin story.

Gepetto = Annunaki, who created the “puppet” 179 more words


Robert Bingham: UFO Summoning

Can a man summon extra terrestrials in their crafts for a crowd to see? This is what Robert Bingham appears to be claiming. Many UFO sighting observers know him as “the man who summons UFOs.” One of his most recent summons appear to have attracted strange crafts making triangular formations.

Thanks to Mike/Procomptor