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Monday Roundup, 6/17

But I’m A Cat Person
Just a big ol’ puppy dog (art | Bianca, Patrick | worksafe)
The Light Won’t Hurt (art | Patrick, Miranda | worksafe) 117 more words

Fake News

Reflections on Shine

Today (or yesterday, depending on how you count it) marks the end of And Shine Heaven Now.

Although the strips started going up in June 2003, there was a substantial buffer that took a while to build up, and of course the whole idea must be traced back to the first time I saw… 470 more words

And Shine Heaven Now

Just as The Eagle of Hermes was an excuse to not work on Shine...

Sometimes it seems like the only way I ever get anything done is when it’s in order to procrastinate on something else.

An illustrative example: I finally have a serviceable website for… 149 more words


more personal miscellany

Can anybody open this file? The extension is .DCR, and it should be an image, which I believe is animated. (I made it myself, so I know it’s virus-free.) If you can convert the frames into some more universal image format and get them back to me, I will shower you with cookies. 237 more words


Fédération Internationale de Football Association

Anybody want to give me a five-minute summary (or a link thereto) of the social dynamics of the World Cup?

By which I mean, which countries have particular rivalries, which teams are the underdogs, which ones are taken-for-granted big winners and which are kind of a joke, and so on. 41 more words

And Shine Heaven Now

They took an innocent panda and turned it into an assassin!

I keep posting little personal updates on Facebook, but not having anything substantial enough to make an actual post. So let me summarize.

–Graduation! A big deal. 287 more words