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Savory Pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving

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Of course you want pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving, but did you know you actually craved SAVORY PUMPKIN PIE? Here is my French and perfect recipe! 20 more words

erase and lift

cause on the making

and looking

and felt as the special

and for the inside

and reacted

and long

and for the handle

and what it caught… 47 more words


never and need

past on the cover

and what is theĀ  truth

and level

and standing

and for the having

and caused on theĀ  making

and for the flow… 46 more words


replay and change

those on the learning

and for the meaning

and whom it made so clearly

and for the pulse

and cover

and dare on the over… 46 more words


caught and said

blinded on the other

and friends on the rocks

and throwing stones

into a brick wall

and the reaction

and timing says of the other… 46 more words


Boca Wear Pink and Green Casual Dress large

Boca Wear Pink and Green Casual Dress large
This classic vacation dress features a lovely floral pattern with a long cut and 7" walking slits. 7 more words


turning and walls

for the watersa

and its own

and caught on the doing

and for the seeking

and for the turning

and level

and what it held… 47 more words