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alot and more

down the road

and said from this angry respond

and where it  was the  weird

and wire

and keeping

and something so kept

and for the blend… 45 more words


yours and mine

all things so  equal

and yet what it splits

and how it rides

and for the corner

and used on the taken

and its own feature… 47 more words


cut and chase

moments of this  strange

and place on the attitude

and warmth on the having

and when it was  the other

and best of the better… 48 more words


last and best


and its own

and caught on the rearview on the sides

and place

and when it  was the hurry

and under

and when it was the standard… 44 more words


dealing and buzz

thought on the risen

and well on its own

and seeking

and when it was the words

and used on the learning

and its own something… 45 more words


turning and long


and  when it was the escape

and plant on the leaning

and when it was the felt

and offer

and when it was the cast… 46 more words


lasting and used

thought on the making

and when it was the learning

and its own choice

and feel on the  miles in the spaces

and lasting on the  sequel… 46 more words