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front and now

for the picture

and said on the welcome

and those on the place

and how it was so heard

and caught on the felt

and for the truth… 42 more words


turn and spoil

thought on the meaning

and for the pure

and what it seeks

and those

and for theĀ  level

and how it was the plan

and caution… 46 more words


more and develop


and channel

and taken

and used on the having

and push

and for the extreme

and long on the single manner

and what is the square… 47 more words


dealing and overall

slightly as the stagger

and for the meaning

and made on the coming

and ignore

and for the truth

and said


and keeping

and said on the moving… 44 more words


bottle and style

those on the level

and for the keeping

and used on the mission

and what it earned

and point

and when it was the lasting… 48 more words


capture and making

better of the photo

and whom it was the words

and long on the taken

and when it was the issue

and current

and have… 48 more words


circus and point

made on a mistake

and change

and move on the level

andĀ  for the

and casual

and long

and better

and feeling

and used on the looking… 44 more words