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choice and knew


and its own arrived

and what it knew

and those of the feeling

and well of the felt

and how it appeared

and something… 47 more words


letters and words

took as it was the first

and how it looked

and made of the travel

and its own costs

and meaning

and never of the weird… 44 more words


night and it feels


and its own contact

and where it was the rushed

and its own

and new

and where it was the doing

and how it stopped… 47 more words


clapping and feeling

getting the crowd of life

and let the feeling flow

and come along

and grow

and its own

and said it so

and forever

and its own standing… 44 more words


horns and brass of feeling

fully of the develop

and its own

and caused of the system

and where it was the lasting

and how it was the timing

and words through a voice… 46 more words


MACK & Minimalism

Heinz Mack is a German artist, currently living and working in Duesseldorf. He is the co-founder of the ZERO movement. With light art as his central artistic theme he uses a variety of methods to explore the effects of colour and light: drawing, sculpture, interiors or ceramics. 67 more words


rest and wake

being and its own ideas

and bargin

and where it leads

and overwhelm

and how it caught

and when it  was the taken

and its own… 46 more words