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toast and eggs

something to the belly

something with

the scent

and fumes of the delight

as the jelly

and hope as its own being

and taken

as the salt… 45 more words


Special Nargisi Kofta

tipsandrecipesweb.wordpress.com is a heaven for the wonderful cooking formula where new formulas are added to the menu day by day. Unique Nargisi Kofta formula is the most recent meatball dish formula added to the not insignificant rundown of flavorful Pakistani formulas that you can appreciate with your loved ones. 425 more words


Is It Gross That Joe Likes To Use His Wifes Deodorant?

My wife Lindsey has been in Chicago for the past few days trying out for Jeopardy and while she was gone I ran out of my deodorant so I did something that has changed my life forever… I used her deodorant and now I’m hooked! 41 more words

The Joe And Alex Show

Dummy of The Day 8/18/17 - Man Pulls Out AR-15 When The Ice Cream Machine Isn't Working

Today’s Dummy of The Day Involves Drunk Driving, Cocaine and Ice Cream. Listen live to the Dummy of The Day weekdays on The Joe And Alex Show.  30 more words


And Union Unfiltered Lager

I seem to be coming across a few lagers of late!

Appearance: Light golden, cloudy.

Aroma: Light and fresh.

Taste: Very sweet, nice initially, but a little too sweet for me.

Score: 6

Beer Blog

NOR Gates


Nor logic gate as universal  gate


 Circuit diagram

No. of gates used


1 OR  

  2 AND  

  3 NAND   4 EXOR   5 EXNOR   4


My deepest desire.

My deepest desire is to translate every thought, every emotion, and every dream into a language that was meant for only YOU and I.