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theme and reflection

its own offer

and held on theĀ  story

and its own wings

and held on the manner

and what it felt

and took on the level… 45 more words


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Barbara Ward Quote from "Faith and Freedom"

Faith will not be restored in the West because people believe it to be useful. It will return only when they find that it is true.

-Barbara Ward, Faith and Freedom, 1954

better and chance

in its own common on the theme

and what it was the usual

and long on the keeping

and its own rise

and told

and use on the mountain… 76 more words


And: A Poem.


It is so hopeful she said

With a mouth full of honey


Dripping from her pen

And fills the space between

You and me… 203 more words


response and told

in itsĀ  several

and held on its own pinpoint

and waited on the level

and when it was the seeking

and its own hands

and connection… 47 more words