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quick and return

how it early

and  how it late

and its own going


and those of the rate

and funny of the air

and its own care… 37 more words


'3 out of 4 adolescents unaware of reproductive health and rights'

An animated video released by non-governmental organisation (NGO) Aahung in association with United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) reveals that 63 per cent of Pakistan’s population is under the age of 25, out of which 75pc of the adolescent population has no knowledge of their reproductive health and rights. 228 more words


perks and reward

what you want

and what you seem

and those of the dealing

and how it should

and well of the  never

and its own air time… 31 more words


fall and its own feeling

cool winds

and a  dry sky

and please of the refrain

and its own

and told

and its own being

floating of the sum

and its own  various parts… 34 more words


doors and pictures

better you are caught

and something it seems

something it tends

and like it was the flash of the bulb

and better of the design… 77 more words


Climate Change Effects

Sebetulnya sudah banyak kali saya menonton film tentang perubahan iklim. Mulai dari Wall-E, After Earth, Divergent Series, The Croods, The Giver, dan masih banyak film lain yang saya tonton lebih dari 3 kali. 508 more words

Catatan Kaki