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Felxprod - move slow ft Jess Abran

Something i stumbled apon, and oh boy do i like it :o

Hush now by L.A.O.S ( 501 remix )

Beautifull voiced girl meets dubstep. always AMAZING :)

Snow Patrol - in the end remix (Whateverman remix)

i personally love it, this song did a great job with its remix with a boys voice. doesnt happen frequently x) ILOVEIT.!

Neon - Jenna G/ Doctor P

this song packs a major punch, deffinate dubstep favorite. the drop has got that brain blower feel, give it a listen .!!

Renegade - eva simons (Ryle Remix)

this song gives a weird inspiration, beautifull voice, matches beautifull idea. this songs is one of my favorites right now. As many of you know dubstep tends to love remixing popular songs, even from different countries ;D

five finger death punch - under and over it (Kill the noise remix)

I love when people take on the challenge of remixing something like this, in general its not easy to pull off, at all. SO I LIKE IT.! 9 more words

City 2 City by Zomboy

when this girl sings, is beautifull. when the bass hits its intense… mix them together lets see what we get……. hm…
Oh dear god…. give it a listen O.O