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Day 1 – it seems we have landed in a classic definition of paradise. Pristine waters, with shades of blue and green stretching out for miles, soft white sands, swaying palms trees and thick green forest that line the shore, and a calmness in the air that can only be attributed to people who are at peace with themselves and nature. 984 more words


Port Blair & Havelock Island: Welcome to Paradise

After a short flight and an even shorter taxi ride I finally arrived in Port Blair, the main gateway to the Andaman islands, more than a thousand kilometers off the coast from mainland India just 150 km close to Burma (Myanmar) India does it’s best to support the locals, lots of Bengalis who were relocated some decades ago to claim the islands for the subcontinent being a strategical outpost, politically and of course for military reasons. 762 more words


Paradise Found – A trip to the beautiful Nicobar islands - Part 1

Where does one start to describe the trip of a lifetime? In December ’15 I spent 12 days between Great Nicobar and Central Nicobar enjoying the pristine, untouched beauty of the islands (a selfish thank you to Govt of India for not allowing tourists into this paradise). 2,111 more words


Andamans, a global hotspot for tourists

Located in the Bay of Bengal, the Andamans are a group of islands forming an archipelago off the coast of India. The tourism spot has revived itself and thrived after the 2004 tsunami, and is currently a global hotspot for tourists. 410 more words


m.v North Passage

Few months after our marriage, as my husband and I were planning an exotic cruise holiday, I smilingly recalled my first ever Sea Journey in life. 865 more words


the last piece

As exactly a month has passed from the return to the mainland, this is my final piece of art from the Andamans!


My covenant with nature, a trip to the Andaman Islands

Pootle list #33: Snorkel off Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Pretend Interviewer (PI): Oh my Gawd! What happened?! Where have you been?! You look like you have been left in the oven too long and baked a burnt brown! 2,237 more words

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