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1 Week Trip to the Emerald Andamans - Ross Island

Ross Island, a short ferry ride away from Port Blair, is presently controlled by the Navy.  The island presently houses the ruins of old buildings like Ballroom, … 535 more words


1 Week Trip to the Emerald Andamans(Cellular Jail,Port Blair)

So if you arrive in Port Blair around 1pm, you can check in to your hotel. Unless you are travelling during the last week of December, call up and book hotel room after checking with your friendly TripAdvisor. 596 more words


Into the Andamans and Back...

There are some experiences which are worth reliving over and over again. Our vacation in the bewitching islands of Andamans definitely lists in such experiences. The archipelago  boasts of pristine shorelines, emerald blue waters, a rich coral life and thick, dense woods.. 1,723 more words


1 Week Trip to the Emerald Andamans(Part 1)

They say the best trips are made impulsively. So was this. A random advertisement of an airlines sale. And return flights to the Andamans from Kolkata were available for 6k(normally the cheapest you would is for 10k). 739 more words


Dawn in the Andamans

As I amble along the intertidal rocky shore, observing the fauna of that zone, no one but a few dragonflies are my companions. They buzz around me, probably wondering what am I doing early in the morning amidst them. 960 more words

North Andaman – further off the beaten track

Directly the first night when we arrived at Kalipur, we could see a turtle nesting, we were so lucky as she was right there, starting the dig when we came to the beach – it’s a long procedure! 1,215 more words


Day 1 – it seems we have landed in a classic definition of paradise. Pristine waters, with shades of blue and green stretching out for miles, soft white sands, swaying palms trees and thick green forest that line the shore, and a calmness in the air that can only be attributed to people who are at peace with themselves and nature. 984 more words