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TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 3.22 & 3.23, "Bureau"/"Greg and Larry"

I’ll say this about Brookly Nine-Nine‘s third season in a macro context: I liked it quite a bit overall and think that it’s solid with just a few rough patches here and there in its twenty three episode span. 43 more words


TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 3.21, "Maximum Security"

Quick, take a picture: It’s an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine that I didn’t out-and-out love.

This, of course, has happened before, and it is also worth noting that I would not exactly describe “Maximum Security” as “bad” as much as “disappointing,” and perhaps “stunted.” There aren’t that many episodes left in season three, and this feels like twenty minutes of unnecessary set-up, interrupted occasionally by wonderful character work by Stephanie Beatriz and outstanding joke delivery by the GOAT, Andre Braugher. 69 more words


TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 3.19, "Terry Kitties"

If you follow me on any kind of social media, you already know how I feel about this week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine: it is valuable and wonderful simply because it demands that Terry Crews act like a complete asshole to cute kittens. 32 more words


TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 3.17, "Adrian Pimento"

“Guest stars have been a thing for Brooklyn Nine-Nine since the very beginning, when Stacy Keach, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, and Patton Oswalt showed up for one-offs, and Craig Robinson, Marilu Henner, and Kyle Bornheimer each stepped into limited but recurring roles. 73 more words


Television Tuesday :: Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the best show on TV fight me

By drift partner.

Primetime sitcoms aren’t generally where one might look to find subverted tropes, diverse casts, and genuinely funny jokes that don’t rely on a laugh track. 902 more words

TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 3.14, "Karen Peralta"

“There are so many stray observations worth making about Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s latest installment that figuring out where to start is like ice-skating uphill. Stephanie Beatriz deserves to be cast in an action movie so she can kick asses full time; only Joe Lo Truglio can over-enunciate “phở” with devastating comic effect; we don’t actually know Hitchcock and Scully as people, and that’s mostly our own fault; Holt is forever the greatest; Amy’s propensity for nerdiness is only outmatched by her willingness to take the uncomfortable social bullets for people she cares about. 20 more words