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TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 2.15, "Windbreaker City"

“Where’s the line between lazy referentialism and delightful homage? It’s somewhere in the script of “Windbreaker City,” the latest sequel installment in Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s second season; nearly the entire episode is built on nods to Die Hard, but it makes so many of them at such a rapid clip that the effect conveys enthusiasm rather than lack of imagination. 59 more words


TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Episode 2.14, "Defense Rests"

“After a brief absence and a criminally unfunny opening sequence, “Defense Rests” gets Brooklyn Nine-Nine on the right track, with a trio of overarching plot developments… but man is that opener a letdown. 80 more words


TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Episode 2.13, "Payback"

“Amazing how Brooklyn Nine-Nine can go from being a sitcom to an earnest cop drama with a single line of dialogue. “Payback” isn’t about the NYPD’s longstanding record of institutional discrimination, but when Captain Holt regales Santiago about his first partner in the force (such as Holt can regale anyone about anything), we hear the proverbial record scratch in our heads; it’s a stark reminder that the show occurs in a world where, once upon a time, it was considered a “win” if the person you worked next to was either homophobic or racist, rather than both.” (Via Paste Magazine.)


TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Episode 2.12, "Beach House"

“Sometimes, a sitcom is just a sitcom, whether it’s good or bad; that’s true even of sitcoms as good as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and in the show’s second go ‘round, no episode proves that better than “Beach House.” In twenty minutes and change, nothing of consequence to the season’s long term plots or themes actually transpires. 66 more words


Soundtrack Playback: Duets

I’ve mentioned it before and I’m not afraid to say it again, I love the movie Duets.  Yes, that campy (and arguably terrible) flick from 2000 about karaoke competitions.   287 more words


Everybody rock your body, Brittany's back alright.

It’s a new year. It’s a new me.

Naw it’s just a new year and a new blog post. I hope everyone’s holidays were to their satisfaction. 404 more words


TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Episode 2.11, "Stakeout"

“Before any discussion of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s mid-season finale (an over exaggeration in terms, if there ever was one) can be broached, I must begin this review by saying “oops.” In all things Kyra Sedgwick, I have been proven false time and again; when it looked like her total appearances on the show would add to two, “Lockdown” came along and made me look foolish. 44 more words