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Why you should be watching "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is a police procedural comedy on Fox and is currently in its fourth season. It is a refreshing and hilarious show with an excellent cast of characters. 1,420 more words


TV SHOW REVIEW: “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Season 4 (FOX)

~ Warning! Spoilers! TV SHOW REVIEW: “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Season 4 ~


Season four was highly entertaining. It started off with my favorite pair spending some quality time with each other: Captain Holt and Jake. 316 more words


'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Renewed For Season 5 By Fox

Andy Samberg and the gang in Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct will be back. Fox has picked up a fifth season of its Golden Globe-winning comedy series… 245 more words

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Striking Distance

Ever seen a movie with so many halfway decent actors and so much half-ass dialogue and continuity errors that it just leaves you paralized? That’s right, paralized. 74 more words

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TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Episode 4.16, “Moo Moo”

I know neither how nor why I have managed to forget to share my review of last week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine. For as long as I’ve been writing about this show, my write-up for “Moo Moo” stands out as one of my favorites, much as “Moo Moo” itself stands out as one of the best episodes in the series’ lifespan. 51 more words


TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Episode 4.15, "The Last Ride"

Spoiler alert: The title of this week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a lie. Just thought I should tell you that upfront, because there is just no way anyone could have guessed that on their own, no sir. 106 more words

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Episode 4.13, "The Audit"

I say this a lot, particularly whenever Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns to air after its mid-season break or its season ender, but: Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back, baby! 114 more words