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Television Tuesday :: Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the best show on TV fight me

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Primetime sitcoms aren’t generally where one might look to find subverted tropes, diverse casts, and genuinely funny jokes that don’t rely on a laugh track. 902 more words

TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 3.14, "Karen Peralta"

“There are so many stray observations worth making about Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s latest installment that figuring out where to start is like ice-skating uphill. Stephanie Beatriz deserves to be cast in an action movie so she can kick asses full time; only Joe Lo Truglio can over-enunciate “phở” with devastating comic effect; we don’t actually know Hitchcock and Scully as people, and that’s mostly our own fault; Holt is forever the greatest; Amy’s propensity for nerdiness is only outmatched by her willingness to take the uncomfortable social bullets for people she cares about. 20 more words


TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 3.13 ,"The Cruise"

“Talking about “The Cruise” without talking about Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s fondness for referential and self-contained franchisement is impossible. First, we had “Halloween III,” where Santiago brought the series-long All Hallow’s Eve prank war fought by Holt and Jake to a decisive end; then we had “Yippie Kayak,” where Boyle became subsumed into Jake’s Die Hard fantasy, and took on the role of John McClane just shy of a year after “Windbreaker City.” Now “The Cruise” brings back the Pontiac Bandit himself in a plot that riffs so hard on Speed 2 that the script can’t help but name-drop that ill-fated film into its dialogue. 16 more words


TV midterm grades -- Part 4

I hope you all had a great holiday and that 2016 is very good to you.
Before I went to join my family for the holidays, I was giving my midterm grades for the TV shows I watched regularly. 270 more words


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TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 3.10, "Yippie Kayak"

“What gift should you buy for the Diehard-obsessed NYPD detective who has everything? How about this: don’t buy him a gift at all, just let him wander into a real-life Diehard situation so that he can live out his John McClane fantasy. 40 more words


TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 3.09, "The Swedes"

“Everything’s been coming up Rosa lately, hasn’t it? It’s been a few episodes since she broke up with Marcus and subsequently broke down with Holt, and only a couple since Terry taught her a valuable lesson in compassion and forgiveness, despite a cavalcade of oopsies and screw-ups; after the season’s decidedly Rosa-light first half, she’s slowly regaining higher ground among the ensemble. 59 more words