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"Brooklyn Nine-Nine": Cop Rock

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a consistently good sitcom that’s almost always just shy of greatness. Two seasons in, executive producers Michael Schur and Dan Goor haven’t quite re-created the magic of  715 more words


The Season 2 Finale Of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Brought On All The Feelings

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Sunday night’s excellent Season 2 finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine brought two long-simmering story lines to a boil; both the romantic tension of Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago (which originally came to a head after… 446 more words


TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 2.21, "Det. Dave Majors"

“How long have we gone without Brooklyn Nine-Nine so much as hinting at the simmering romantic tension between Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago? In the grand scheme of things, only recently: the last time the subject of Jake courting Amy came up we were celebrating the joyous matrimony of “Boyle-Linetti Wedding,” an episode that categorically failed to add much of anything to the will they/won’t they pull of their office flirtations. 54 more words


'Law & Order: SVU' fan recap: Did he or didn't he?

Season 16 | Episode 21 | “Perverted Justice” | Aired May 6, 2015

I could write so much snark about OINTB‘s Samira Wiley guest-starring on last night’s episode because of her character’s name on… 998 more words

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: A Bit of a Cop-Out

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has good associations for me. Season 1 was on UK TV while we had our Australian flatmates living with us last year and was an enjoyable shared weekly event. 367 more words


TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 2.20, "AC/DC"

“We now break our usual third-person omniscient mode in service to a desperate first-person plea: Can somebody please make me a pair of .gifs of Rosa’s and Holt’s amazing mid-episode reaction shots during their ill-fated double date with Marcus and Kevin? 73 more words


Reboot speculation: Thief

Episode five of our reboot speculation series. Which show has never been given a proper chance? Which show has run its course, but could, albeit tweaked, easily be resurrected? 531 more words