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This is the story of how I came up with my interpretation of a shift dress, as part of a collaboration with seam, we had discussed several options, but this one had possibilities that excited everyone. 267 more words


Amikor a sci-fi és az haute couture frigyre lép: futurisztikus technológiák a divatban

A divatra mindig is jellemző volt egyfajta drasztikus újítási vágy és előremutatás mind a formavilágot, mind a kivitelezés módját tekintve. Akár a futurizmusra, akár korunk markáns technikai újításaira gondolunk, számtalan példát találhatunk, melyek forradalmi újításokként reflektálnak a technológiai, társadalmi és művészeti változásokra. 941 more words


Long Live the Ya-Ya!

The mini-skirt or affectionately known as the “Ya’Ya” is defined as a skirt whose hemline is no more than 4 inches below a woman’s derrière. It is not to be confused with the micro-mini whose hemline is at or just below the crotch level. 215 more words



French designer André Courrèges was making futuristic looking garments in the 1960’s, and they relate to my work well. In many pieces, there are cut out parts that leave blank space for skin to be exposed in unusual shapes and places. 363 more words


Estee Lauder limited edition Courrèges collection

Hi Lovelies!

So I’m guessing that by now you have all seen, heard and read about Estee Lauder teaming up with French fashion house Courrèges! If not check out the video below from Estee Lauder’s YouTube channel.  240 more words