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Victoria Review

Once upon a time there was a German film called Run, Lola, Run that become something of a global sensation for its frenetic pace, its inventive storytelling, and its sheer novelty. 571 more words


The Actress

One might think that, by now, there would be no stone left unturned when it comes to Nazi-era Germany in the movies. We’ve had films about the Holocaust, the resistance, the start of the war, the end of the war, and the daily lives of soldiers and ordinary people on both sides; we’ve had science fiction films, romances, mysteries and even a few comedies on the subject; so it comes as a surprise that… 1,343 more words


Review Continuity: Think about it

Continuity overwhelms the viewer with questions, but it does not even try to answer them. Read here, why the short film is a view worth anyway. 753 more words