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Jeff Anderson & Andrea Miller Reveal Their Process and the Just My Luck Cover

In anticipation of our second Zack Delacruz middle-grade novel, we thought we’d not only reveal the cover of Zack Delacruz: Just My Luck (Sterling Children’s Books, October 2016), but also reveal our processes as a writer and an illustrator. 1,201 more words

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8 healthy habits to adopt in 2016

It’s around this time that gym memberships and vows to avoid junk food fall to the wayside. Nutritionists list 8 specific health and nutrition tips you should adopt in 2016. 7 more words

Dealing with Vulnerability

We have to get to know and be honest about our particular strategies for dealing with vulnerability and learn to use mindfulness to allow ourselves to experience more of that vulnerability rather than less of it. 109 more words

Daily Wisdom

Wonder and Warmth

Love is generated by twin impulses. Buddhism calls them emptiness and compassion; we could also call them wonder and warmth. Emptiness points to the miraculous nature of phenomena: that things are not what they appear to be; that they are, rather than separate, connected; that they are, rather than fixed and weighted, fluid and light. 65 more words

Daily Wisdom