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Think carefully before you vote!

Because I want to be an informed voter, I try to listen to as many of the GOP candidate speeches as I can. I’ve also watched all the GOP debates. 576 more words


"Glorious Pageantry Of The GOP Process": Ted Cruz And Donald Trump Are Fighting Over Their Wives. This Was Inevitable

Throughout the political world, people are expressing shock, dismay, and disgust at the argument that has broken out between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz over their wives. 986 more words


Why Bernie?

Why Bernie?

Lots of confusion and accusations as to why some of us so passionately support Sanders for president. Here’s one take that covers some key issues. 1,890 more words

Someday perhaps I’ll have to get a grownup job… but...

Someday perhaps I’ll have to get a grownup job… but for now I’m having too much fun being a reporter. – Andrea Mitchell: http://dlvr.it/DF24f2

Andrea Mitchell

Im-Politic: The Establishment Media is Becoming a Self-Parody

Take it from me – if you want an unvarnished look at how viciously defensive but simultaneously clueless to the point of self-parody America’s bipartisan political establishment has become in this Season of Trump, nothing provides it better than the Sunday morning news talk shows and their panels of media and campaign experts. 689 more words


Silence descends at MSNBC

Outside my usual bailiwick, but I’m compelled to write. And if I need a pretext, well, Benen is a Vermonter.

Today, dozens of reporters tramped through the apartment of the alleged San Bernardino shooters. 392 more words

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Benghazi Hero Sean Smith’s Mother Explodes on Andrea Mitchell

It’s always difficult for me to watch Patricia Smith because she has fought such a heartbreaking and fruitless battle to get answers for her non-combatant son, Sean’s, tragic death on that horrendous night on 9-11-2011 in Benghazi. 134 more words

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