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Henry David Thoreau: Bitch Slappin' Pimp

When I want a serious simulation of violence I head to the game room. There is no better way to go on a blind, murderous rampage than to plug in any number of first-person shooter games. 844 more words


Five Favorite Psychological State of Mind Quotes From Outlaw Murderers

Listed in no particular order, because all are True and uplift the Self:

“Society had its chance, I’m going hunting, hunting humans.”—James Oliver Huberty

“I’d have killed a thousand if I had enough bullets.”——Howard Unruh… 167 more words


Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith

How to buy it: Paperback, Qbd the Bookshop, $19.99

When can I get my hands on it: Now!

What am I in for: Communism, Cover ups, Murder, 1950s USSR, Detectives, Spies… 569 more words

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