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something small and beautiful

It must have been late summer, or possibly early autumn. I was sitting under the Japanese maple tree in my back yard when I witnessed something extraordinary and at the same time commonplace. 755 more words


Reflections on Tarkovsky, the meandering magician

Twenty years after his death in 1986, Andrei Tarkovsky’s films still have the power to captivate, illuminate and mesmerise as if a static, messianic eye swoops down from the sky urging you to look deeper, think harder and act wiser. 724 more words


El sacrificio (1986)

Alexander es un intelectual que se siente desencantado con el mundo actual, con la desunión de su familia y con el avance de la tecnología. 556 more words


"Roadside Picnic": The Insignificance Of Man

The science fiction genre is filled–too filled–with stories about what might happen if extraterrestrials came into contact with human beings.  It is a favorite subject of writers, who use the theme to explore deeper truths about man and his place in the universe.   1,122 more words


Art is never finished, only abandoned.

From the preface of da Vinci’s Thoughts on Art and Life by Lewis Einstein:

The genius of Leonardo as a painter came through unfolding the mystery of life. 413 more words


Solaris (1972) Review

Tarkovksy’s Solaris has been described as “Russia’s answer to 2001.” I would have to disagree with that sentiment, because apart from being slow paced and mostly taking place on a space station. 713 more words


All art, of course, is intellectual ...

 … but for me, all the arts, must above all be emotional — and act upon the heart.

When I speak of poetry I am not thinking of it as a genre. 16 more words