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(Almost) everything looks better in ‘Black & Chrome’

“Everything,” Paul Simon sings on the album cut of “Kodachrome,” “looks worse in black and white.” In later live performances, he often amended the lyric to, “Everything looks better in black and white.” He’s right on both counts. 1,057 more words


Bir Tarkovsky Röportajının Düşündürdükleri

John Gianvito tarafından derlenmiş röportajlardan oluşan bir kitapta yer alan söyleşilerin birinde İrena Brezna soruyor, Tarkovsky yanıtlıyor. Yıl 1984, Tarkovsky’nin akciğer kanserinden ölmesinden iki yıl önce… Kitapta “Bir Sembolizm Düşmanı” başlığıyla yer alan… 789 more words

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Stalker (1979): Of Hope, Faith and Love

Although it’s described a sci-fi movie Andrei Tarkovosky’s 1979 masterpiece is much more expansive than that. It can perhaps be best described as a reflection on the eternal question – “What is the meaning of it all ?”. 413 more words


Andrei Tarkovsky - Nostalghia

Nostalghia (1983) is one of the late films by Soviet writer and director Andrei Tarkovsky starring Oleg Yankovsky, Domiziana Giordano and Erland Josephson.

Its production differs quite a lot from Tarkovsky’s earlier works, not only because it is his first film directed outside the Soviet Union, but also because he could additionally draw on financial reserves provided by Italian State Television and a French film company near completion. 691 more words


Moving pictures, #62

These posts are starting to back up, so I’m going to have to get a few of them out. But hey, you like reading about films, right? 1,947 more words


Andrei Rublev

(Dir. Andrei Tarkovsky, Soviet Union, 1966)

Adding to the Beauty

What do we think about when we engage art? When we gaze at a painting, do we appreciate it for its beauty – the images we see and perceive – or for the craftsmanship it took to create it? 1,177 more words