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Andrew Bolt- Left looking for Nazis need to look at themselves

Andrew Bolt hit the ball out of the park last night with his advice to Trump haters. If you’re looking for Nazis, take a selfie and look at that. 23 more words

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Global Warming Helps: China's Weather Is Now Better

By Andrew Bolt ~

One of the fake global warming scares is that we’re getting more extreme weather.  But  even the IPCC can’t find that proof. 270 more words

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Australian Economy - Another Budget Blow: $13 Billion In Savings To Be Written Off

By Andrew Bolt ~

Another Budget blow, thanks to the Australian Labor Party, the Greens and a broken Australian Senate which gets its muscle by saying no. 528 more words

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Free speech and the responsibility to speak out

Last week and today, Newscorp columnist, Andrew Bolt condemned cartoonist Larry Pickering for anti – Muslim and anti gay slurs. He also slammed former Coalition member, Ross Cameron for not calling Pickering out. 633 more words


Australian Politics - Liberals Can't Rely Any More On Being The Lesser Evil

By Andrew Bolt ~

Background from TonyfromOz:

As you read this, be aware of the difference in political party names here. In Australia, The Liberal Party is the major political party on the Conservative side of that political divide, and the Labor Party is the party on the left side of that political divide.

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Bring professionalism back in journalism and commentary!

I’m usually an avid listener to Sydney’s 2GB on weeknights when Andrew Bolt is on.  But on Monday night, I nearly turned it off after five minutes and was glad that I missed the first twenty minutes or so. 588 more words

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