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If Goodes was booed by racists, why was Rioli cheered?

If Goodes was booed by racists, why was Rioli cheered?.

Booing is the sports fans method of telling a player of any colour, in any colour sports gear, that they have broken the rules of sport … not racism. 13 more words

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Australian Politics - A Newspaper Which Abuses Prime Minister Tony Abbott So Violently Is Neither Compassionate Nor Reasonable

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The Age cheered Labor’s scrapping of the border laws – a disastrous act of “compassion” that cost 1200 lives and $10 billion, and brought over 50,000 people we did not choose and struggle to assimilate. 440 more words

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Australian Politics - The Fall Of Labor Party Leader Bill Shorten

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David Crowe describes a Labor Party leader with nothing left to say:

When reports emerged that three suspected jihadists wanted to return to Australia without going to jail, Labor Leader Bill Shorten talked of rehabilitation but offered no concrete position.

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Oz media's Animal Farm ...

1. Life is not fair. Get used to it.
2. Social justice is a commie scam. Read the drivel of Saul Alinsky and fight it with all you’ve got.

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