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scientist chickens out ...

Dr Karl Kruszelnickian, ABC TV promoter of global warming and other nonsense pulls the plug on a debate with an Australian Senator. Excuses don’t cut it though, the facts were new, he said: 157 more words


Liberal senator admits 18C changes are designed to win back PHON voters

In case you did not suspect that Malcolm Turnbull’s explosion of piss and wind on Section 18C yesterday was entirely self-serving, this morning on Radio National Breakfast news, Liberal Senator James Paterson… 833 more words


Why Can't Trump Just Be President?

By Andrew Bolt ~

He won the election. Why can’t Donald Trump just take that massive win and do the damn job? Why tweet wild claims and just make trouble for himself? 192 more words

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Je Suis Andrew Bolt - How Andrew Was Subjected To Terrible Treatment Over 18C! - » The Australian Independent Media Network

Remember the headlines about the death of free speech. Remember the editorials? The Herald-Sun saw it thus: “But should there be a law to protect people from being offended? 45 more words

Andrew Bolt

Australian Politics - Liberal Government Crashes In Western Australia: Prime Minister Turnbull Damaged

By Andrew Bolt ~

The Liberal/National Coalition Government has been smashed in the Western Australian elections, held yesterday, and this will add even more pressure on the leadership of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. 712 more words

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They only got the job because they wear headscarves - Bolt's bombastic bullshit - » The Australian Independent Media Network

To Andrew Bolt What a condescending twat you are.  You, who have no qualifications and no experience outside being a media whore, dare to criticise two admirable women, who are far more educated, credible and informative than you, just because they are speaking out. 30 more words

Andrew Bolt