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a word from Chairman Mal ...

Chairman Mal Waffler tells it like it is, with a cameo from, and about Tony Abbott’s rhetorical style. Their ABC version.

Contemptible? You choose.


Don’t Mention September 11. It Might Encourage “Islamophobia”

By Andrew Bolt ~

Appeasement is now a creed, prohibiting us from even remembering our war dead:

Theo Menon, a Minnesota Student Association representative and member of the College Republicans, realized that the university wasn’t doing anything to memorialize 9/11; on Oct.

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Andrew Bolt, ISIS Recruit - New Matilda

If you want to recruit disaffected Muslims to a war of hate, there’s no more effective way than to get prominent westerners to do the heavy lifting. 7 more words

Andrew Bolt

ISIS Wants You to Hate Muslims | The Nation

Fourteen years ago, immediately after the Al Qaeda terror attacks in the United States on September 11, the French daily Le Monde published a headline that perfectly expressed the sentiments of grief, shock, and solidarity that so many around the world felt at the time: Nous sommes tous Américains
 (We are all Americans). 9 more words

Andrew Bolt

Islamists Attack Hotel In Mali: 27 Dead

By Andrew Bolt ~

Yet another attack by Islamists. First reports on this said that it was ‘suspected’ that the attackers ‘might be’ Islamist because they were shouting Allahu Akbar. 495 more words

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Bolted down | The Monthly

“How could I have failed so completely to convince so many people that I am actually fighting exactly what I’m accused of?” That’s the question Andrew Bolt asked his readers last year, after the Aboriginal academic Marcia Langton accused him of being a racist. 31 more words

Andrew Bolt

Australian Politics - No To Prime Minister Turnbull’s GST Tax Grab

By Andrew Bolt ~

Former Treasury secretary John Stone is right – better no GST “reform” than this smokescreen for a tax grab:

It all began on Sunday, November 1, when Cabinet Secretary Arthur Sinodinos was interviewed at length on Sky News’s Australian Agenda program.

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