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Why We Should Keep Using The Term "Fake News"

The Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan uses her latest column to call for journalists to stop using the phrase “fake news,” a term reporters and activists have used over the past few months to describe a form of politicized misinformation that had at least some impact on the 2016 presidential election. 17 more words


Eric Abetz Shocked To Learn That BBQ Conversations Don’t Revolve Around 18c

Tasmanian Senator and the Coalition’s closest living link to the Third Reich Eric Abetz, was shocked to learn over the summer that most BBQ conversations don’t revolve around repealing section 18c of the racial discrimination act. 236 more words

The UnAustralian

Australian Economy - Too Tricky, That "Surplus"

By Andrew Bolt ~

Are you  surprised?

The Australian Federal Coalition Government’s wafer-thin projected 2020-21 surplus, the linchpin of the nation’s AAA rating, is achieved entirely by a change in accounting for the Future Fund headed by Peter Costello — the man responsible for the last budget surplus in 2007-08.

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Feminist Mother Traumatised By Boy Growing Inside Her

By Andrew Bolt ~

Right or Left, there is something scary about people who put the cause above the individual. Take Polly Dunning,  who when pregnant felt “sick” at realising she was carrying a boy and was already planning to read him the riot act when he got out. 300 more words

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Mia Freedman: admirable writer and speaker

Just saw this speech from Mia Freedman about feminism and sex work last year. This was a few years after her comments on sex work on ABC’s Q and A… 387 more words


Coup Attempt Fails. Electoral College Elects Trump

By Andrew Bolt ~

The campaign by Leftist celebrities to persuade Electoral College voters to ignore the election result and install Hillary Clinton as president has failed. 299 more words

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The Only Republic Turnbull Will Give Australia Is A Banana One

By Andrew Bolt ~

How could Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull think that beating the republican drum yesterday when tomorrow could reveal not only a debt blowout but a cut in Australia’s credit rating that puts us even deeper in trouble? 660 more words

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