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Australian Politics - Prime Minister Turnbull Blunders. Savva Blames Tony Abbott Again

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Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull first stirs up a backbench revolt by crazily opening the door to form a carbon tax. Then he faces terrible growth figures. 377 more words

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Climate Change Australia – Liberals Revolt Against Turnbull's Carbon Tax

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TonyfromOz prefaces:

Where you see the word ‘Liberal’ here, be aware that this is the major Political Party from the Conservative side of the political fence here in Australia.

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Education - have we really gotten this bad?

It seems to me that the education system in Victoria in particular has fallen off a cliff if this is right.

Now, I’m not a teacher. 363 more words

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Is Michelle Guthrie remaking the ABC in Murdoch’s image?

It’s time to stop mucking around. What Michelle Guthrie and her band of redundancy-happy managers are doing to the ABC is a crime against the public interest. 551 more words


Indigenous Community #defineAboriginal for Hanson

Pauline Hanson, leader of the One Nation Party, has declared that there is no definition of the word ‘Aboriginal’.

In an interview on conservative media commentator Andrew Bolt’s  418 more words


Australian Politics - Why Must Farmers Pay To Save Prime Minister Turnbull's Industrial Relations Hide?

By Andrew Bolt ~

This can’t be right.

How did a discussion about construction sites turn into haggling over irrigation water?

Malcolm Turnbull has agreed to a key demand from Senate powerbroker Nick Xenophon to amend the government’s workplace relations reforms in a major step ­towards a wider deal on Murray-Darling water flows after a weekend of high-stakes negotiations to rescue his agenda.

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