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Climate Change - Modified Panic

By Andrew Bolt ~

No, the science isn’t settled, and only a denier would ignore the latest evidence that warmists’ predictions were exaggerated:

Global warming hasn’t happened as fast as expected…

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No Gallipoli Fatigue. The People Speak: In Australia, Our ANZAC Day Matters

By Andrew Bolt ~

We’ve too often left our traditions and institutions in the hands of a class that that does not properly respect them, and every Anzac Day we’re reminded of the gulf between some of those custodians and the public. 1,385 more words

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No fatigue. The people speak: our Anzac Day matters

No fatigue. The people speak: our Anzac Day matters.

I am fatigued by the build up, the comments from those who know little of real life military service, by the lip service, by the ignorance of facts … but even though I don’t go to services, I did salute the dawn this morning, and I think not only of those who gave the supreme sacrifice, but those who were with them and have lived with the memories of the real life brutality of war.

Andrew Bolt