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The Architects of Western Decline: A Study on the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism

The architects of the death of tradition, morality, and the death of common-sense. VertigoPolitix studies notes on the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxist philosophy which now controls Western intellectualism, politics, and culture, remarking, “it was by design; it was created by an internationalist intelligentsia to eradicate Western values, social systems, and European racial groups in a pre-emptive attempt to spark global, communist (think liberal) revolution.”


Greatest @Green_Footballs Tweet of 2011

In light of Johnson’s recent, um, friskiness in the Twitterverse, and the fact that we kinda skipped the DoD awards ceremony this year, I’m going to go ahead and declare what would have been the winner anyway. 163 more words

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Andrew Breitbart Embarrasses Chris Hayes From The Grave Over Anthony Weiner Guilty Plea

Andrew Breitbart can feel the vindication from the grave, as Anthony Weiner pleads guilty to sexting an underage girl. Chris Hayes, who tried to smear Brietbart, looks like the fool that he is. 9 more words

Anthony Weiner

He's Back in the Big Time, Folks

After so many years of being ignored, the Culver City Blimp is a splash at Twitter.   Of course, it’s not the same as getting a daily shame post at Twitchy, but with the guilty plea of America’s second-favorite pervert (after all, who can to BJ and the Blue Dress?), Alex Griswold has resurrected one of our Favorite Fatman’s classic got-it-wrong posts from his glorious days of yesteryear. 56 more words

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