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Making Sperm

One of the joys of educating in a home environment is the making of models. School had encouraged this anyway but with the ball firmly in our court, we can call some shots and have some fun. 271 more words

Andrew Clayton

White Hermione and Straight Biggles

When I first read Harry Potter, Hermione was white. Well, she was in my head because I’m not particularly inventive and I was much more interested in the story than painting a picture of every character in the book. 372 more words

Andrew Clayton

Steampunk Dreams and Future Proofing

Imagine a world where technology is very different to ours.

And so begins a premise which the average person has probably only glimpsed in silly season news stories about trends in costume wearing comic convention attendees, references to local bookshop Southcart Books or maybe the world of Wild Wild West that terrible star vehicle which nearly ran over Will Smith in 1999 or even The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (more diesel punk than steampunk apparently, but I’m no judge) that saw Sean Connery’s last screen appearance before retirement. 830 more words

Andrew Clayton

Well that's (a) novel

I’m writing a story. So far it has only a few hundred words, but already I want to find out what the characters in it do next. 466 more words

Andrew Clayton

Ales Beers and Carols

We’re going carolling in pubs again. It’s another glorious romp around some excellent ale houses with a piano and a sheaf of carol sheets which seems to be an annual indulgence. 101 more words

Andrew Clayton

Off on an Adventure

It’s a rare thing for proper grown-ups to get a day to themselves. So when it arrived this Friday I took it in both hands and fulfilled a few old ambitions. 422 more words

Andrew Clayton

Defining Success

This is not an inspirational post. Or at least, not intended to be. I’m hardly disadvantaged by my own estimation.

But I wanted to acknowledge and celebrate a little milestone. 252 more words

Andrew Clayton