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A song for Walsall? Fog on the Tame...

it’s all mines, it’s all mines.

Or, “We built this city on rock and holes“…

This is a very brief post to say I saw a diagram this morning of some exclusion zones in the Black Country where we know there are mine workings so close to the surface it’s dangerous to develop the land for any purpose, including storage. 36 more words

Andrew Clayton

Happy Haggis Day

Burns’ Night.

It’s a celebration of poetry written in an accent and dialect which is mostly inaccessible to the average English speaker, and a foodstuff which I really don’t find that attractive. 42 more words

Andrew Clayton

WAUG survey. Important Opportunity to get involved.

Regular readers (if there are any!) will know I have been going to Parkrun at Walsall Arboretum for a few years. In fact, it’s coming up to my third anniversary. 281 more words

Andrew Clayton

Pushing the Envelope

After the relative success of No Dice, it seemed the right time to admit I’d already been working on an expansion deck.

It’s available only by pre-order, for which the address is given on the No Dice blog. 51 more words

Andrew Clayton

Battling my Nemesis - The Alternator

This evening has seen the latest episode in the soap opera that is my serial ownership of cars. I’m not complaining about this car in particular, but generally my cars are great until they suddenly develop a fault that’s expensive or going to seriously increase the running costs and I have to find a new one. 238 more words

Andrew Clayton

I object

Recent events worldwide have brought many people to social media to reflect, share and be part of a virtual support network.

This in turn has drawn some to observe the futility of pressing “Like” or “Share” unless it is accompanied by action. 517 more words

Andrew Clayton

Play the Game

A very quick post to celebrate the awesomeness of my son’s new board game!

We just played the very first round of Race to Zeus, a game he invented for a school project. 92 more words

Andrew Clayton