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Greetings all!

Punctuality is very important. Professionally, it is one of the most important things there is. As a result, a lot has been written about it. 371 more words

Getting Better - Motivation

Every time I see a great performance with other people, someone invariably says something like “I should just quit.” It is always a joke, but it is still revealing. 511 more words

Are Tuba Players Exempt from Clarity?

No. We are not exempt from anything due to the size and range of our instrument. Being a fellow car lover, Andrew Dougherty described what we do as playing a big muffler. 533 more words

The Importance of Listening

The most important thing in practicing, playing, and growing in music is listening. Absolutely. Let’s go through each of those three and see what that means. 576 more words

Post Jury Wrap-up: Tips for Future Performances

Greetings everyone!

Most people have just finished juries, and some of us may be looking for a little advice to make it go better next time. 645 more words

Playlist: Because I Like It by Andrew Hitz

Spotify Playlist: Because I Like It by Andrew Hitz

“Blues for Ben” – Bonerama:

The first time I heard this tune was on the radio driving down I-10 right outside of New Orleans on the world famous station WWOZ.   638 more words


Essential Steps to a Great Performance

Many of us have witnessed it: the person who gets up on stage, stops during a performance to correct a mistake or a missed note, then marches off stage without a thank you bow or nod. 586 more words