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Raising Money for Summer Camp

I would like to raise some money so that we can purchase new craft supplies and books for our summer camp this year.

Our camp lost some of it’s funding, … 290 more words

Sooooooooo since I’m going to be here a while I figured I’d just…keep…talking about stuff.

Last night when I was being a dumb child and not falling asleep because I couldn’t stop thinking…I accidently said I love you to my female friend instead of saying “goodnight” like a normal person. 314 more words


I don’t know why but there are times when I over obsess over the stupidest things…well they don’t seem stupid when I’m obsessing. I just tend to blow things way out of proportion. 433 more words

Andrews Awkward Turtle Moments: Attempts at Flirting Edition

Me: I love you like I love bacon.

Girl: You know I’m vegan right?

Me: Hey your thing…uh…your thing looks cool.

Girl: My what?

Me: *pointing at hair* The…hair…YOU HAIR!

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Andrew Howard

After reading this post from The Bipolar Writer (one of my favourite blogs), I decided to take on the challenge made at the end of post and share my own personal goals here on my blog.

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My New Poetry Collection is Now Available on Amazon!

Summer by the Lake is now available on Amazon!

I am seriously excited. I had a lot of fun putting this together.

They told me it would take 72 hours but apparently the overestimated. 17 more words

Andrew Howard

New Poetry Collection

I’ve been working on a new poetry collection recently, which will be available on Amazon soon. I don’t want to say exactly when. I’m still doing some editing here and there. 233 more words

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