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30 May 1916 - New Air School in Australia

The Australian Government has announced plans for a new aviation training school at Richmond, North South Wales, to help recruit and train Australian pilots for war service in both Australian and RFC squadrons. 153 more words


Day 907: Victorian Fairy Tales

Apparently, in Victorian times there was a fashion for fairy tales. Not only did some writers, especially of children’s books, concentrate on them, but many writers of other types of works wrote them as well. 299 more words


Four Westtown residents receive commendations

This article can be found published on the Daily Local News‘ website.

WESTTOWN — With the mounting snow in a short period of time during the blizzard this past winter, a… 530 more words


Travelogue 2016.05.15: A Modern Classical Sunday (Piano Edition)

Quiet Sunday afternoons and piano music just seem made to go hand in hand. Every note simply seems to sound more resonant and soothing and these four exquisite modern classical releases are as beautiful as they come in that regard. 442 more words


Out now! WLR006 Andrew Lang - Burnt Shades

We’re not just looking to work with established artists but we’d also like to be known for releasing débuts. The next of these is the very first album by Australian pianist/composer… 609 more words


Andrew Lang

‘I wish you may be punished by falling in love with the silent princess.’ And having said this she vanished.

For some time the boy paid no heed to her words—indeed he forgot them altogether; but as years went by, and he began to think more about things, the remembrance of the old woman’s wish came back to his mind. 37 more words


Coming soon...Andrew Lang | Burnt Shades

We’ve recently posted a preview of our sixth release, which sees us veer in a modern classical direction in the form of Andrew Lang’s547 more words