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Quote of the Day

Politicians use statistics in the same way that a drunk uses lamp-posts—for support rather than illumination.

—Andrew Lang


Rust dyeing

I haven’t been doing much lately as we had all our downstairs wooden floors replaced, which meant clearing out absolutely everything from those rooms, including all my craft stuff. 333 more words


Guest Post by J. Comer: The World's Desire, by H. Rider Haggard and Andrew Lang

The history of fantasy and adventure stories is a rich one, and Cirsova can barely scratch the surface of it  in reviews.  Nevertheless, no survey of fantasy novels and adventure tales is complete without mentioning H. 470 more words


St. George for England - Added Verses

Le Sieur de Bayard held a bridge and never once did shirk.
Don John of Austria, he thumped and thrashed the Turk.
St. Michael and St. 512 more words


"it's possible." {your own personal fairy godmother.}

fairy godmothers can be working for the heroines or their conniving adversaries.

they can be evil, or hold a grudge and take it out on the child. 1,216 more words

Faerie Tale Feet

Shameless Plug: Aucassin and Nicolette

My latest Kelmscott-style reprint from Rossignol Books is now available! Aucassin and Nicolette, as translated by Andrew Lang. Aucassin and Nicolette is from Old French, where it was written sometime in the 1100’s or 1200’s. 179 more words