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Is Labour relevant today?

The Standard has marked Labour Weekend (I presume) with a post oddly under the authorship of ‘Natwatch’ (which seems to be a pseudonym for someone not wanting to be identified as being a union official) . 1,163 more words


Police numbers game

With a by-election coming up in December, which will probably include a new party campaigning on law and order, and a general election next year, parties are throwing police numbers around. 343 more words


Little says Labour would welcome Leggett back

Labour leader Andrew Little says that Nick Leggett would be welcomed back into Labour, despite describing Leggett as “a right-wing candidate”.

When Leggett resigned from the Labour Party so he could stand for the Wellington mayoralty against a Labour candidate Little was not amused. 467 more words


Sanders/Trump/Brexit syndrome in NZ?

In the US and UK where there’s a lot of disillusionment with politics and parties, as illustrated by strong levels of support for alternatives like Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn. 111 more words


Dunne: "the decidedly inferior Mr Little"

In his weekly blog post Peter Dunne has made it clear that he doesn’t rate Andrew Little highly.

Dunne is obviously not angling for a memorandum or any sort of understanding with Labour. 310 more words


Little: I'm not in the centre at all

Andrew Little onĀ @NzMorningReport ‘If that’s the centre, I’m not in the centre at all.”

RNZ (audio) Andrew Little rejects labels of centre or left… 656 more words


Little dismisses Clark's centre ground

This morning on TV1’s Q & A Helen Clark said that to win an election it was necessary to command the centre ground, but Andrew Little dismissed this as unnecessary and said that his aim was to form a “a coalition of constituencies” such as low- and middle-income Kiwis concerned about issues like housing and the economy. 300 more words