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Hooton - fox targeting the Labour chicken house?

Matthew Hooton has piled into Labour over their stance or apparent stance on the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, both through a column at NBR and via Twitter. 1,339 more words


Labourites strongly against TPPA

The dominant online Labour view on the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is negative, despite Helen Clark saying it was ‘unthinkable’ that New Zealand stay out of such a large Pacific Rim trade agreement (and despite it being initiated by Labour in 2003 and worked on right through to the end of Clark’s tenure in 2008). 665 more words


A positive alternative to panda bashing

NZ Herald has come out in support of John Key and Wellington’s investigation into acquiring pandas.

Key’s critics miss point – pandas will be for all…

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Sensible reaction from Little on Tolley/contraception

While there has been a lot of silly over-reaction to Anne Tolley’s comments on contraception on Q & A (for example see Why did Tolley talk about contraception? 273 more words


Labour - co-deputies?

Labour leadership is in the news again with 3 News  releasing the results of a Reid Research poll on deputy leadership.


Little's legacy the retention of the Union Jack?

Josie Pagani made an interesting point in a RadioLive interview with Duncan garner about Labour’s and Andrew Little’s stance on opposing everything about the flag change despite it being contrary to party policy. 202 more words


Volunteer Prospects Article on Patosha Jeffery League

Andrew Little, of Volunteer Prospects, recently attended the championship week of Patosha Jeffery Fall Exposure League. He wrote about the impressive state of Memphis girls basketball and had quite a few notable players from the games. 314 more words

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