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Excerpts from Toby Manhire: Walking in a Winston Wonderland

We Three Things:

Jacinda Ardern solo:
Just a kid from Moh-orrinsville
Keen to help out Andy Little…

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Mr Know-it-all Andrew Little in fact knows eff all — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Andrew Little liked to make out he was cleverer than your average politician. Yesterday he proved he is just as dumb as a bag of hammers: The three expert reports supplied to the Pike River families for a manned re-entry into the mine’s drift do not fully take into account cost or risk, according to…

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Reform for Official Information act

It’s debatable whether the Official Information Act needs reforming, or if Government Ministers and officials need to be required to comply with the Act as it is. 814 more words


Adams v Little on Pike River re-entry liability

In Parliament yesterday Amy Adams questioned Andrew Little, the Minister responsible for Pike River Re-entry, about liability for any decision to re-enter the Pike River mine. 735 more words


For the sake of the other families

Each time I read or hear reports about Pike River families agitating for a retrieval of the bodies of the men who were killed there I wonder about the other families. 1,140 more words


Pike River Agency CEO liable if re-entry goes wrong

Andrew Little and Labour intend handing over responsibility of whether a Pike River re-entry attempt is made to the Recovery Agency they are setting up, and if re-entry is attempted and something goes wrong the agency chief executive will be liable. 1,057 more words