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Does Ardern lie ? (2)

In a recent post Adam raised a question as to whether Ms Ardern lies.

It seems appropriate to consider this in more detail.

Stuff reported: 410 more words

Mining personal grief for political ends

When politicians make promises do you take them at their word?

Under MMP that’s harder because they can always use the excuse, that was their policy but had to let it go during coalition negotiations. 530 more words


Little walking back his Pike Promises — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Little Now it is Andrew Little walking back Labour’s election promises. This time it is the promise to re-enter Pike River. Pike River Mine minister Andrew Little says he cannot guarantee a re-entry of the mine and has told family members that he will do what he can but safety is the top priority. 

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Little softening on Pike River re-entry

The reality of Government responsibility may have set in as Andrew Little commits to a decision on re-entry of the Pike River mine, but he won’t commit to re-entry, citing safety is a priority. 880 more words


Green horse trading bombed

A leaked Green email suggests an attempt at negotiating with Labour over some minor policies – and Martyn Bradbury is having a fit over it. 852 more words


Compensation increase for Teina Pora confirmed

The previous government kept resisting approving full compensation for Teina Pora after he was wrongly jailed for 17 years.

One thing the new Government is putting right is approving appropriate compensation. 132 more words


Organisation matters

Until just a few weeks ago, one of the big questions over Labour’s suitability for government was its inability to organise itself.

Those questions quietened when Andrew Little resigned and was replaced by Jacinda Ardern. 291 more words