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“Don’t start out with that old gag, “I couldn’t draw a straight line.” Neither can I, free hand. If we need a straight line we can use a ruler.”

– Andrew Loomis


Vintage story illustrators.

In the days when there were no mobile phones or computers and T.V. was not readily accessable to all there thrived a bunch of illustrators who knew how to bring stories to life. 139 more words

Now And Then

Sketchbook Ideas: Facial Construction

Let’s focus our sketches this time on the face of our characters. Having correct facial proportion and anatomy understanding is essential when it comes to animation. 154 more words


Loomis mannikins with muscles continued

Another quick post today with more Loomis studies, pretty much the same as yesterday.  This one above is a partially muscled mannikin skeleton, just showing how the muscle is laid on. 106 more words

Loomis mannikins with muscles

Well, I’ve moved back to Andrew Loomis’ Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth for now.  I’m sure I need to try making a lot more of those… 158 more words

A Classic Drawing Book: Everything is Political!

You can find telling social information in places where you might not expect it–though for Andrew Loomis, who worked as a commercial artist, it shouldn’t be surprising.

226 more words

1950s and Andrew Loomis

Andrew Loomis was a design artist of the 1950s.  His work graced many a romance magazine and set many hearts a flutter.  He also was an illustrator for true crime and specialised in pulp detective series. 46 more words

Bourgeoise 50's Style