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Acerca de ayer

Ayer me levanté y me dediqué a releer nuevamente la sección de cardiología durante 4 horas y después me dediqué a dibujar por 2 horas, solo muestro aquí dos hojas de lo que hice ayer. 139 more words


The Fundamentals

Notes from “The Fundamentals”.

It’s easier to refer to than the block of text in the book. I have also divided this into sections.

Talent vs Knowledge… 1,329 more words

Andrew Loomis

Introducing Mr Frankfield #1

I’ve now started to piece together a storyline for a future animation, which is way beyond my skill level just now, but is something I am aiming for. 186 more words


Buenos Días

The friendliness of the Bolivian post office is well expressed in their 10-centavo issue with art by Andrew Loomis.


Variable Perspectival Spaces within a Single Block

On page 43 of Successful Drawing, Andrew Loomis shows a very useful mechanic for artists to know in order to convincingly draw architectural details or features on mechanical objects in perspective.   727 more words

Successful Drawing

Drawing To Scale

It is amazing how much information Andrew Loomis packs into each of the pages of his books.  His method of instruction is to constantly expand the uses of techniques outlined on previous pages.   813 more words

Successful Drawing

A More Precise Method

Previously in Understanding Loomis, I have shown several ways of determining depth by diagonals.  The method explained today is another method of finding depth by diagonal, but this one is a more accurate method than those previously covered.   620 more words

Successful Drawing