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Concerning Rendering of the Geometric Shape

My last post introduced the reader to Andrew Loomis’ concept of imagining any object primarily as a geometric shape, prior to attempting to draw it.  After one is able to conceptualize subject matter as a series of three-dimensional geometric shapes, Loomis reminds the reader that: 676 more words

Andrew Loomis

Imagining the Geometric Shape

Previously, I went at some lengths to explain a concrete method of drawing a laying square at any perspective.  The reason this was done was in order to establish a groundwork for the student to begin to visualize the square as the… 323 more words

Andrew Loomis


By Neva Knott

The lights were on the band and I was dancing next to the guy I like, feeling guilty that I like him and wondering what he’d do if he knew, because my boyfriend just died two months ago and they were friends. 932 more words


Drawing the 'Laying Square'

Technical Perspective Continued

Last posting quickly outlined the principles of one point perspective.  The key points included:

  1. Every picture has a horizon
  2. An object’s relationship to the horizon creates the illusion of a 
  3. 868 more words
Andrew Loomis

The Loomis method

This week I got introduced to the masterful books of  Andrew Loomis. One in particular caught my attention: Drawing The Head And Hands. New York: Viking Press… 53 more words


Technical Perspective

Perspective an artist needs to know

Now begins the more technical aspect of Successful Drawing.  In the following postings, I will still begin with a short written section, but the meat of the post will consist of scanned images of my versions of Loomis’ drawings.   789 more words

Andrew Loomis