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Once in a blue moon, a Canadian Gas Inspection stamp will find its way onto a postal cover. These stamps have featured art by Andrew Loomis…

…Harrison Fisher…

…and Walt Baumhofer.


Establishing a 'Key Figure' part III

Fashion Proportions

The previous two postings have been regarding how an illustrator sets up the proportional measurements of the human body by measuring the overall height in heads.   363 more words

Successful Drawing

March 8, Again... Yet, I Woke Up In Love This Morning

I felt at peace when I awoke this morning. Andrew died two years ago, on another March 8, but this morning I awoke and noticed the birdsong and cherry blossoms, that it is raining and grey–Andrew’s favorite weather. 1,241 more words

Personal Narrative

Establishing a "Key Figure" part 2

The Idealistic Proportion

Last time, we discussed the principle of properly building a figure’s proportions based on naturalistic measurements.  The end result was noted as being fairly dumpy looking, and unimpressive as a figure. 484 more words

Successful Drawing

Establishing a "key figure" Part 1


Today’s posting will combine some conceptual elements which Loomis has outlined in earlier sections of the book, with some rules which are better stated in his companion book “Figure Drawing for all its Worth” (which will be reviewed on this blog in time).   408 more words

Successful Drawing

Inclined Planes on a Roof

Good day,

It has been a very long while since my last posting.  I intend on posting again weekly on Sundays as before.

Let us get underway. 496 more words

Successful Drawing

Acerca de ayer

Ayer me levanté y me dediqué a releer nuevamente la sección de cardiología durante 4 horas y después me dediqué a dibujar por 2 horas, solo muestro aquí dos hojas de lo que hice ayer. 139 more words