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Personal attacks on Met Office scientists

I’ve been trying to stay out of the climate wars, but I really can’t resist commenting on this. There’s an interesting Greenpeace article discussing the… 290 more words

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Rude and touchy

I’m off on holiday tomorrow. Just somewhere local, but it will be nice to get away and relax for a week. Some walking, some cycling, some relaxing and doing nothing, maybe a bit of eating good food and drinking nice wine; just what you need after a busy year. 271 more words

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The windmills of my mind

There are some days, as I peruse the net, when it occurs to me that others must have been trans-versing the windmills of my mind! Yesterday – on the heels of the… 672 more words


Matt Ridley on fossil fuels!

Matt Ridley had an article in The Times called Africa needs to be rich – rather than green, in which he essentially argues that Africa needs fossil fuels, including coal. 869 more words

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The Big Questions

I discovered that Andrew Montford was a guest on The Big Questions this morning. I normally don’t watch it as I think it’s generally a very silly programme, that normally has some kind of religious undertone, and normally has guests who just end up shouting at each other. 435 more words

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New albedo paper?

I was wondering if anyone had any insight into the recent paper by Stephens et al. on the albedo of the Earth. Judith Curry thinks the paper is… 436 more words

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Critical thought?

I’m constantly amazed by what some seem to think is good or interesting. The latest seems to be an article by a Professor or Economics and an Independent Scholar called… 903 more words

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