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On Intercessory Prayer by Rev. Andrew Murray

“​Let us all unite in praying God that He would visit our souls and fit us for that work of intercession, which is at this moment the greatest need of the Church and the world. 106 more words


Is Holiness A Turn-Off?

“As we study the holiness of God, we shall see in increasing clearness  how, like fire, it repels and attracts, how it combines into one His infinite distance and His infinite nearness. 912 more words


Author Guide: Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray has been one of my favorite authors since I became a Christian. I consider him the quintessential devotional author: Short books, short chapters, fluid writing, and always spiritual. 2,059 more words


On Intercessory Prayer by Rev. Andrew Murray

​”Nothing will so test and stimulate the Christian life as the honest attempt to be an intercessor. It is difficult to conceive how much we ourselves and the Church will be the gainers, if with our whole heart we accept the post of honour God is offering us. 120 more words


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

“holiness is the chief beauty of grace.”

Andrew Murray, Abiding in Christ

I’ve run out of any original thoughts this week, my friends. They seem to have all run out from my brain through my fingertips while I talk about… 13 more words


On Intercessory Prayer by Rev. Andrew Murray

In the introduction to “The Ministry of Intercession” Rev. Murray writes:

“I have been asked by a friend, who heard of this book being published, what the difference would be between it and the previous one on the same subject, “With Christ in the School of Prayer”.  577 more words


On Intercessory Prayer by Rev. Andrew Murray

​”In answer to the question, ‘But why, if the answer to prayer is so positively promised, why are there such numberless unanswered prayers?’ we find that Christ taught us that the answer depended upon certain conditions. 239 more words