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Netflix review: ANON (2018)

No clever segue. I just feel like watching a movie that I haven’t seen. Getting used to watching Netflix shows and movies without the worry of transfer reviews anymore. 973 more words


Throwback 20: The Truman Show

As we are about to enter the 2020’s, it’s hard to shake the idea that reality television and surveillance culture have become key concerns for humanity; television plumbs to lower and lower depths while the internet and social media increasingly makes it seem we’re being watch by some form of all-seeing big brother everyday. 727 more words



Clive Owen stars as a homicide detective on the trail of a vicious killer who makes the victims watch their own death in this near-future science fiction, where society has surrendered its anonymity, supposedly in exchange for greater safety.

(at 23:06)



Anon written and directed by Andrew Niccol, starring Amanda Seyfried and Clive Owens on Netflix.

This is a futuristic movie based in the future, where anonymity is the enemy, a police detective meets an anonymous girl. 45 more words



Andrew Niccol presents his take on a slightly distant future Orwellian dystopia in Anon. The effect of which is quietly chilling as we slowly see his concepts… 411 more words

Film Review

Moving pictures 2018, #27

I could claim there’s a system to the films I choose to watch, but that would be a lie. It pretty much depends on what I feel like watching – plus a host of other factors, as outlined in a previous post. 2,016 more words


Filmas: Anon (2018)

Neturiu kūrybinio polėkio aprašinėti filmus, kuriuos mačiau, bet šitą filmą būtinai noriu paminėti pas save – Anon (2018):

Rež.: Andrew Niccol
Scen.: Andrew Niccol… 482 more words