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Greensboro’s third annual Dance Film Festival

Andrew Oliver
  Staff Writer

The Third Annual Greensboro Dance Film Festival was jointly held at Geeksboro Coffeehouse and Cinema, and the UNCG School of Dance this past weekend. 598 more words

Why alcohol consumption should be phased out of campus life

Andrew Oliver
  Staff Writer

Alcohol consumption is the number one drug problem in this country today. It is essentially a poison that wreaks havoc on one’s body. 497 more words

Creating a vibrant campus economy

Andrew Oliver
  Staff Writer

The availability and quality of student employment on campus is an issue of contention among students and staff. While it’s good that UNCG offers jobs to students, they are too often limited to students with work study and dispense wages barely higher than the minimum. 665 more words

HQ Greensboro offers business workspace, lecture events

Zachary Weaver
  News Editor

HQ Greensboro, a shared workspace in downtown, will host numerous events in the coming months, including seminars, meet-ups, and lectures.

Adapted from an old 1890s carriagehouse, HQ Greensboro opened on August 19, 2015. 405 more words

The Issue with Campus Crime

Andrew Oliver
  Staff Writer

Fighting campus crime is no small task. Ask anyone for potential solutions, and you’ll get a completely different take on the matter every time. 767 more words

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