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Day 5, Part 2: Whose Slime is it Anyway?

I wrote Saturday’s blog before I went to the evening event, What’s the Point?. A variety of the most entertaining scientists from the festival got together for the panel show love child of… 183 more words


Day 5: Dark Matters

It’s the penultimate day of the Science Festival!

Today I heard about geoprofiling and network analysis in solving crime, and had Wolfram Alpha superanalyse my Facebook activity, which was quite entertaining. 91 more words


Clusters, Splines and Peer Review

Time for a grumpy early morning post while I drink my tea.

There’s an interesting post on the New Scientist blog site┬áby that young chap… 998 more words

The Universe And Stuff

This Is A Galaxy

This is a galaxy, by Andrew Pontzen.

Well, not a real galaxy, but a digital galaxy. With green dark matter. Lovely.

This is a galaxy. 15 more words


Stargazing (virtually) Live

I hope you’ve all been tuning in to the BBC’s astronomy jamboree Stargazing Live. There have been two episodes so far, with one last one to follow tonight, plus a… 511 more words

The Universe And Stuff

Wednesday Seminar - Andrew Pontzen

Andrew Pontzen – Wednesday 14th December – 4.30pm Maths Room 103

Our last Relativity and Cosmology seminar of the semester will take place on Wednesday afternoon at 4.30pm. 30 more words

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Andrew Pontzen - Spare A Thought

Faster-than-light neutrinos in a song? Why not! Geek Pop have a wonderful new song up, by Andrew Pontzen, entitled ‘Spare a thought’, and it really is rather awesome and geeky. 31 more words