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I recently wrote a comment on my Facebook page (in poster form), stating that banks were being asked to stop gun transactions on credit cards. So, far, I’ve had over 1,200 shares and … people are still sharing this.  582 more words

Debbie Barth

Larry Page’s Flying Taxis, Now Exiting Stealth Mode by ANDREW ROSS SORKIN

New Zealand has opened its skies to self-piloted electric planes financed by one of Google’s founders.. via NYT Business Day http://nyti.ms/2Hzn6aV


Given Sorkin credit for a stupid idea

New York Times writer Andrew Ross Sorkin proposed one of the worse solutions to curbing automatic rifle sales this week.

Sorkin, who also co-hosts a show on CNBC, suggested that the large credit card companies and banks stop allowing their customers to use credit cards to  purchase firearms. 196 more words


How Banks Could Control Gun Sales if Washington Won’t by ANDREW ROSS SORKIN

As Corporate America espouses “social responsibility,” the financial industry could help limit sales of assault weapons, our columnist writes.. via NYT Business Day http://nyti.ms/2EJ9NrG


Phil Collins “Take Me Home”

-Music Monday- This meme was created by Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek. You pick a song that you really like and share it on Monday. 23 more words


Tesla’s Elon Musk May Have Boldest Pay Plan in Corporate History by ANDREW ROSS SORKIN

Mr. Musk agreed to stay as chief executive for 10 years, with compensation tied to $50 billion leaps in Tesla’s valuation. Otherwise, he makes zero.. via NYT Business Day http://nyti.ms/2GbqKbh


BlackRock’s Message: Contribute to Society, or Risk Losing Our Support by ANDREW ROSS SORKIN

Laurence Fink, the chief executive of BlackRock, the $6 trillion investment firm, plans to tell C.E.O.s in a letter that businesses must serve a social purpose.. 8 more words