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IT’S OFFICIAL. Even The New York Times acknowledges that “Schmaltz Finds a New, Younger Audience.” Nutritionally incorrect though it may sound, author Melissa Clark and photographer Andrew Scrivani make a scrumptious argument in the newspaper’s December 9, 2014, issue for rendered chicken fat… 486 more words

And Furthermore...

Canon Masters Workshop "To the ends of the Earth" (06MAR)

The last Thursday(06MAR) I had a great opportunity to attend and meet one of my admiring professional photographers at Canon Masters Workshop.   (https://www.canon.com.au/en-AU/About-Canon/News-Events/News-Press-Releases/Canon-Masters-photography-seminar-and-workshop-series)    It seemed it was the first workshop session of this Canon Masters series this month. 408 more words

Talk the Talk...

One of the clips from my most recent stint on creativeLIVE.com on Table Top Photography. Check it out here.

Food Photography Workshops

The Business of Food Photography...

creativeLIVE posted this 30 min. clip of my class on Youtube which contains some very important information for anyone thinking about doing food photography for a living. 31 more words

Food Photography

Photo Tips: Reading Your Light Meter

Now that the folks at creativeLIVE have posted a pile of clips from my sessions there, I have the opportunity to post them here and give you all the opportunity to learn a bit and… 11 more words

Food Photography

International Food Bloggers Conference

I am home! Perry and I had to get on the train very early Sunday morning so we missed the sunday sessions. Wish I could have stayed and participated in more of the sessions. 312 more words

A Few Words On Editing

I’m trying to find a safe place to begin with this topic. You see, some photographers love to edit and some don’t. Personally, I’m one of those photographers who hated editing in the beginning. 624 more words