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A Movie A Day #48: Body Chemistry III: Point of Seduction (1994, directed by Jim Wynorksi)

In Body Chemistry III, Jim Wynorski and Andrew Stevens take over the venerable franchise and things quickly get meta.

Alan Clay (Andrew Stevens, who also produced) is a TV director who wants to make serious films about the environment but his producer, Bob (Robert Forster), is only interested in exploitation films.   363 more words


Day of the Animals (1977) - reviewed by George

This is somewhat unique: an American horror movie with an ecological plot that doesn’t involve nuclear radiation. Due to the usage of chloroflourocarbons in like, aerosol hairspray, the ozone layer has been depleted and some strange rays are coming through. 437 more words


Andrew Stevens leaves CNN

Longtime CNN International anchor and Hong Kong-based correspondent Andrew Stevens has left CNN. Stevens joined the network in 1999 as a business correspondent, and has reported on the Asia Pacific region for over two decades. 66 more words


Beast of the Yellow Night (1971)

With the glory days of the Beach Party movies behind him, actor/singer/producer John Ashley found himself in a number of features being produced for the exploitation market in the Philippines. 679 more words

Daily Take

Get Carter (1971) and Get Carter (2000)

Is Michael Caine’s version of Get Carter taken from the Ted Lewis novel a British classic of the gangster genre? I’m not much for labelling but I will say it gets better with every viewing. 1,124 more words

Daily Take

The Bastard -The Kent Family Chronicles Ep.1 via @stacyamiller85 @astevensent

With this being Independence Day weekend, what better way to acknowledge the struggles faced with forging our new nation than watching a movie that depicts this? 246 more words