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'I had no doubt he wanted to hurt me': Christy Clark breaks her silence on being assaulted

For 37 years, Christy Clark didn’t tell anybody about the time a man pulled her into the bushes when she was walking to work.

But it never left her mind. 916 more words


Episode 40 - Costumes Primer with Carolynn Hayman and Conrad the Unicorn

Nothing grabs your attention like a balloon, and nothing demands it like a balloon costume. Costumes are exploding as a format for taking your art to a new place, but so far, few resources are available to guide in the process. 62 more words

Baldrey: can Andrew Weaver have a Gordon Wilson moment?

Green Party leader Andrew Weaver wants history to repeat itself.

More specifically, next spring he wants to see a replay of the 1991 election campaign where the then-third party shot to prominence and finished second, chiefly because of the performance of its party leader in the televised leaders’ debate during the campaign. 643 more words


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Green MLA’s take on Christy Clark has some seeing red

In one week, two stories broke.

One was the auditor general taking the government to task for failing to protect the environment and the public in the… 544 more words


With BC election one year away, Liberals focus on economy while NDP talk affordability

Three years ago this month, Christy Clark led the BC Liberals to an unexpected victory in the provincial election.

She campaigned almost entirely on the economy, wearing her trademark hard hat around the province. 348 more words


New bill targets sexual misconduct at post-secondary schools

The provincial government has introduced legislation that will require public post-secondary institutions to establish sexual misconduct policies.

Schools will have one year once Bill 23 passes to establish the new policies. 319 more words


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Wait-list patient ‘totally disgusted with the whole system’

I sympathize with Quesnel knee-surgery wait-list victim Denise Tessier. I too am on a waiting list. I developed an incredibly painful pinched nerve in my neck in April 2014 and on and off for the past two years I’ve had to rely on morphine to help me through it. 579 more words