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CBC misses Pachauri boat yet peddles TIDES Canada propaganda - again

CBC, Canada’s National (i.e. taxpayer funded) Broadcaster for some unfathomable reason – albeit perhaps known to Gaia knows who(m?!) – does not appear to have published… 2,387 more words


Pump Your Brakes - The Need for Coaching

Originally posted at Fat Slow Triathlete

One of the hardest parts of becoming an adult onset athlete is learning when to back off. We have become so ingrained to sit on our asses for years upon years, that when we do find the energy, the willpower, the need, to get up and start moving, the very thought of sitting back on that couch is anxiety producing. 1,449 more words


Podcast: In the House with Michael Smyth and guest Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver

In this week’s In The House podcast, Province columnist Michael Smyth talks with Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver about the legislative session, his feud with the NDP, Premier Christy Clark’s yet-to-be-delivered LNG miracle and trophy hunting for grizzly bears. 22 more words


NEWSFLASH: Andrew Weaver & CBC drop his claim to Nobel fame

One of Andrew Weaver‘s prime cheerleaders over the years has been the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). With only one previous exception of which I am aware, they’ve never failed to mention – and/or visually feature – his… 813 more words


B.C.'s lone Green MLA takes centre stage

VICTORIA – He’s a climate scientist who’s become a political lightning rod at British Columbia’s legislature.

Andrew Weaver, B.C.’s lone Green party member of the legislature, spent years espousing and debating climate change theories in the academic world. 600 more words


IPCC-nik Andrew Weaver's "Wall of hate" wins him $50,000

There’s a very recent “judgement” (if its meandering stream of non-sequiturs can reasonably be construed as such) issued by the BC Supreme Court’s new kid on the judging block, The Honourable Madam Justice Burke who was plucked (for some unfathomable – albeit unstated – reason) from the part-time roster of those who contribute(d) to the, no doubt, distinguished service of Canada’s Federal “Public Service Labour Relations Board” (a… 2,263 more words


B.C. MLA Andrew Weaver wins defamation suit against National Post

VANCOUVER – A British Columbia judge has awarded $50,000 in damages to a politician and leading climate scientist after he sued the National Post for defamation. 477 more words