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Days 138 + 139: The end of physical therapy

A well-known prophet named Andrew W.K. once said, “When it’s time to party, we will always party hard.”

Yesterday brought party-worthy news: My chart is closed and I have been discharged from physical therapy. 403 more words

pop punk academy #2 - party playlist

hello and welcome back to the pop punk academy, pupils of punk! this time i’m going to be teaching you how to make a pumped up party playlist, featuring some of pop punk’s greats – including the party king himself, of course. 595 more words


St. Andrew, the Partyflake

Despite his eternally white (albeit grubby) garb, Andrew WK is not a snowflake. In fact, he’s pretty much the opposite, whatever that is. A flake of party lava, exploding with good vibes and a positive message, maybe? 723 more words


Fursuiters were kings at Andrew WK's Pizza Party in San Francisco.

Of course this happened in San Francisco – “Furry Mecca”. (Sorry, Pittsburgh… you can borrow that title for one weekend a year, but you have to give it back.) 467 more words


See what I did there 018

All right, I admit, while Hollywood seems to have sequel fever, most of my posts are series as well. This series looks for acknowledgement, Humor vampirism… 103 more words


Please Change My Mind

I don’t need help with feeling. It kind of happens on its own. And I like it that way. Even when I’m feeling awful, no one is feeling exactly as awful as I am in exactly the same way and for the same reasons as I am. 579 more words