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13. Gerard

Becca and Jenny looked at each other. Neither knew how to respond, but Gerard Honeyweather was grabbing Jenny and pulling her forward.

“Whoa,” Jenny said and ripped her wrist backward. 953 more words


21 June 2018 - Le Caylar and Roc Castel

This week we propose a relatively short and easy walk from Le Caylar, followed by the opportunity to climb to the top of the Roc Castel. 160 more words


Escape (Non-attempt) From Alcatraz 2018 (Andrew)

Only amateur athletes will ever say “I’ll just turn up and give it a go.”

You don’t see bin men turning up at the local hospital asking if they can pop down to surgery as they once watched an episode of Casualty. 1,111 more words


12. a rude awakening

Becca felt ice cold fingers on her arms that jolted her instantly back into the room and consciousness. “What are you doing?” Jenny asked.

Becca looked around. 1,024 more words


Frailty is quintessentially complex, but there is a simple crucial message

People like simple solutions – but the world doesn’t work like that. For example, some people want a concrete biomarker for the presence/absence of dementia or frailty, or want to search for a ‘gold standard’ for the diagnosis of dementia or frailty, but this is pure science fiction. 636 more words


Song of the Week: “Everything is Fine” by All Time Low

One of my favorite bands, All Time Low, just dropped a new single a couple days ago and I gotta be honest, I’m pretty stoked. 392 more words

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