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3 Ways to ROCK Your Business in 2015!...

Here are 3-Steps to help you ROCK your business in the New Year!

Step 1: Have a ‘Vision’ for the New Year (and beyond)

Knowing what a successful business looks like for you… 727 more words

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4 Mistakes That Keep You BROKE In Business!

Are You BROKE in Your Business???…

If so, you’re PROBABLY making (at least ONE) of these 4 mistakes:

Mistake #1: Not Knowing When to Let Go… 301 more words

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4 GREAT Ways to Get UNSTUCK and STOP Struggling In Business

If you find yourself at a “sticking point” in your business you just can’t seem to get past…

Here are 4 GREAT tips to help you get (and stay) unstuck… 336 more words

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Because You're WORTH It!...

I was among a phenomenal group of established and aspiring women entrepreneurs recently, and THIS topic came up…

How Do I Know {and Communicate} My Worth?… 350 more words

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A Great Lesson On Branding!

Thinking back over the many challenges I have encountered in my decade-and-a-half career as an entrepreneur and what it took to overcome them would make the average person’s head spin! 209 more words

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‘Beer Cans and Bees’: 5 Business Lessons I Learned From My Mother!

‘Beer Cans and Bees’:

5 Business Lessons I Learned From My Mother {a story about collecting beer cans}

I grew up in low-income housing in Douglasville, GA. 534 more words

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TAKE ON The Task of Doing It All

The BEAUTY of entrepreneurship is that you don’t have to be “it” all, nor do you have to do it all by yourself! There are some tasks that you are sure to welcome the opportunity to pass off to someone else. 735 more words

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