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Salesforce: Mobile Apps Development Approaches

After a gap of over 6 months, i’m back to blogging :) This time on Salesforce Mobile apps.

These days it is difficult to find a person without holding a mobile phone in their hand. 379 more words


Six iPhone Tricks to "Unplug" and Enjoy the Weekend More

In modern business, accomplishing tasks and staying connected to customers and coworkers is necessary for success, but it comes with a price. In today’s age, rather than measuring how many widgets we make or ship, our productivity is instead understood by measures such as “average response time” or “inbox zero.” This required connectivity makes the world spin faster and puts a paycheck in our pockets, sure, but there’s no arguing that it also leads to more stress caused by “bringing our work home” with us. 1,290 more words

Life Improvement

ZTE Open C upgrading andriod.

I was one of the people that bought a firefox phone a couple of years ago, and in my humble opinion they sucked big time. I did the andriod 4.4.2 install which worked quiet well for a long time.   139 more words


The Best Game To Learn Typing In Our Smart Phones

Hai Guys Actually If We Want To Learn Typing We Need a Computer And a Software To Use To Learn Typing In ” Typing Master ” Software. 175 more words


Best App To Cut Music / Videos In One App In Smart Phones

Hai Guys There Are So Many Apps Which Are Available In PlayStore To Cut Music  / Videos And Videos To Mp3 Converter. But We Are Downloading Individual Apps To Cut Music / Videos And Video To Mp3 Converter. 193 more words


Best Tool Kit App For Andriod

Hai Guys Today We Are Discussing the Best ” Tool Kit ” App for Andriod Users. There is a Lot Of Apps Which Are Available In PlayStore… But We Can’t Choose The Correct one Which is The Best Tool Kit App For Us… 209 more words


Here is The Solution How To Slove TouchScreen Issues 100% Working

Smart Phone It is a Part Of Our Life And One Of The Member In Our Family Now a Days And In Future From Children To Our Grand Parents. 352 more words