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Pokémon Go hits 75 million downloads, breaking all records

Pokémon Go came into the gaming world with a bang, capitalizing on a combination of 1990s nostalgia and burgeoning augmented reality technology to earn Niantic, the gaming platform the app uses,  126 more words

Christian Science Monitor

Nowait - Never Wait for a Table at a Restaurant Again

The Scoop: Nowait is an app/website platform that allows users to book their place in line at a restaurant long before they ever arrive. Upon arrival, the user takes their place in line and receives updates via text or phone notifications when their table is ready. 177 more words


The NEW Kami Speed Application

For some time now we have been working on a new Kami Speed Application for iOS and Android devices.  Our first application has been out for some time, but as we started work on the new one we somewhat left the first one behind… 101 more words

Tuner World

China’s Robotic Revolution

Features Editor

Remember Jia Jia?   Sure you do – she’s the one with the glassy eyes and the stern face, who keeps popping up on your social media feeds.  569 more words


දැන් Android වලටත් Prisma..

                      මේ දවස් වල සමාජ ජාල වල සීග්‍රයෙන් ජනප්‍රිය වන දෙයක් තමයි මෙ Prisma app එකෙන් ගත්තු photo එකක් තමන්ගෙ profile picture එක විදියට දාගන්න එක. 17 more words


Testing Soffice (Blogging App)

Just testing a new Android app called Soffice that may be better than the official WordPress app.  Looks good but there isn’t a right-justify paragraph option in the editor pane.


Pokémon GO Gives You Cancer!

Hey guys, as you may already know Nintendo and Niantic’s new game was released two weeks. I downloaded it within an hour of its release, and, being the giant nerd I am, I walked all over Little Rock and Conway, Arkansas to find all the Pokémon that I could possibly find. 367 more words