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Android N Public Beta

So I’ve been on the Android N Public Beta for 2 weeks now. So far seems pretty stable on my Nexus 6P. It is so easy to enroll your devices as long as there supported. 94 more words


Send Text Without A Cellphone/Internet

Almost all of us can relate to situations, whether it be in a crowded party or amidst wilderness, when we desperately need to communicate with someone and fail to do so due to lack of cell phone signal. 300 more words


Phones, would you truly like to be accessible constantly?

Would you truly like to be accessible for anybody and everybody on a day in and day out premise? What do I mean? A renowned individual once said that the more accessible you make yourself; the more accessible everybody will anticipate that you will be. 661 more words

5 Best Mobile Phones 2016 that You Will Simply Love

The smartphone market is growing continuously with the frequent addition of latest cell phones. Every brand has some signature specifications differentiating it from the others competing for the best mobile phones 2016 crown. 8 more words

Google Voice Access launched in beta, lets one use their Android smartphones with just their voice

Google’s Voice Access is aimed at helping people access smartphone features and applications through easy voice commands

Google is testing a new feature called Voice Access that enables one to use the smartphone through voice commands. 418 more words


Android For PC

Hi Friends… today I Publish How to Have the Android experience in you PC. Some times You will Fade-up with the PC Operating Systems You use because , After some time period the system has installed the PC become slower. 568 more words


Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Leaves You Wanting More

Kingdom Hearts is a beloved franchise that has yet to have another main installment. Fans have been waiting for 10 years, since the U.S. release of… 622 more words