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Be Androgynous

Free your mind & the rest will follow.

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Be Androgynous

From tom boy to laid back chic suave, fashion- and life has no gender

To see more MRM Photography head to withlovemrm.tumblr.com

Notion #3: Transphobia

I’m going to try my hardest to get through this with as little rage and anger as possible.  Which — trust me — is going to be a challenge because if there is a topic that’s going to get me going and get me heated in a hurry, this is it. 661 more words


Queen Of Muzaffarnagar

It was a regular Saturday morning except for the fact that it had been raining for almost a day now. I was sitting on the veranda which also happens to be my favourite part of the house when i heard a familiar voice calling out. 1,043 more words


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The Muzaffarnagar riots were one of the worst things that happened to India in a long-long time. It's a shame that people in our country still fight for issues as shallow as religion and here I am writing a blog aiming at queer acceptance that more often than not seems like a far-fetched dream when even the basic forms of equality is no where to be seen in parts of the country But we're not losing hope 'cos we're either too headstrong or way too naive to be fighting this war. I really wanted to write a story of how powerful 'queer-ness' could be. Because I ain't writing any sob-story. ;) Read on to know the story of the 'Queen of Muzaffarnagar.'

The pressure to choose "butch" or "femme"

Last weekend on our “weekend of rugged” filled with camping, hiking, outdoor climbing, apple picking, and enjoying the beauty of the Hudson River Valley, my GF and I got to recharge away from the anxiety-inducing confines of the city.  522 more words


Notion #1: I Can't Be the Only One

As I start this new adventure in blogging about my experiences, thoughts, desires — whatever — I sometimes feel like I’m the only person going through these things or experiencing or feeling these things.   1,423 more words