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The best chest!

I figured it out, guys! I figured out how to get my DDs into the ideal chest configuration. I walked around like this all day, not feeling too constricted and not having to readjust at ALL. 437 more words


Jasper's Wardrobe

“Yesterday I started sketching my current view on male-femme fashion. To summarize the points from yesterday, I find the body hugging clothing emphasizes the femme curves that we have always already had. 294 more words


Often a Mistress but Never a Bride

When I look back on my love life prior to meeting my husband I cannot help feeling uneasy about discussing it. My love life was almost void of physical interactions yet it was filled with emotionally intense interactions that shaped how I perceived and evaluated myself. 1,070 more words


Eat Me

Curiouser & Curiouser – Antielle IW / MP

Mad of Hats – Feather Teal – C L A Vv IW / MP From the August round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival ( 19 more words


I don't know how I feel about Ruby Rose... does gender-nonconforming = artsy rebel?

I finished OITNB season 3 recently and I have feelings. Like, nauseous feelings whenever Piper is on screen, with Alex or with Stella. I just hated Ruby Rose’s character, who didn’t contribute very much to the season except to show a genderqueer character. 1,074 more words


Transgender Flag: is it just me, or......?

Is it just me, or is the Transgender Flag like an ad for baby clothes? I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but I feel a bit offended by the flag that is supposed to be an umbrella of representation for transgender people. 162 more words

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