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Women become "genderless" when childbearing years are finished

Biologically speaking, what makes a woman a woman is her ability to procreate. Additionally, what makes a woman a woman is her ability to attract a mate for purposes of copulation – her smooth skin, curves, supple breasts, a strong, healthy limber body that would support a baby well – all designed to attract a male. 199 more words

Walk (and Dress) Like a Man

Integrating details of men’s fashion into my wardrobe has always been something I’ve loved to do. As a child, watching music videos by David Bowie instilled in me a love of tailoring and using quirky styling to get yourself noticed. 371 more words


LGBTQ Manifesto

This may be a tough project that I am taking on, somehow an individual must look in reality eyes. The eyes that I hope I can open humanity’s eyes in the way I feel. 588 more words


Androgyny – is the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics, partly male and partly female in appearance, gender identity, sexual identity or sexual lifestyle.

At a young age I’ve always considered myself androgynous, mentally identifying myself as a women and man in freely what is seen as masculine and feminine behaviors.   301 more words


David Bowie, my idol in fashion.

To be honest, I didn’t know who David Bowie was until his death in early 2016. When he passed, the internet blew up with news of his passing. 855 more words


The Future is Queer-stionable

It was roughly over a year ago when I first got introduced to the concept of androgyny. Thinking back now, I realize that my confusion was fueled by the gender ambiguity. 386 more words

Millennial Culture

Happy Fathers Day!

Hello guys!

Happy Sunday! Today is Father’s day and I am so excited, I have been excited about this day for more than one month. In today’s post I will be writing letters to the great men in my life. 736 more words