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What Is Androgynous Fashion?

A “new” trend has become increasingly popular over the past couple years despite it being a style for decades already and that is -androgynous fashion. I didn’t completely understand what androgynous fashion was until I watched Pinks 2017 VMA speech and decided to do more research about it, I realized it was something that I had actually always promoted and now I had a term to accurately describe it. 728 more words


Drag king stories #7

Back in October, I was asked to be a part of a group performance art piece, an interpretation of John Cage’s Variations III.  We were given a sheet of transparent plastic with 42 circles on it.  836 more words


Black Friday Beauty Bay Haul

Whoops, my finger slipped – in the week running up to Black Friday I was on Beauty Bay quite a lot looking at their deals, I feel like they were on one of the few online retailers this year that actually had a decent, genuine sale – which it became no surprise that the site ending up selling out and basically being offline for two days on Wednesday and Thursday whilst they restocked for Black Friday. 812 more words


The Winter Blues

I’m going to be quite honest here: I’m a bit fed up.

Part of it is down to the winter blues; when you spend most of the daylight hours either at work or getting ready for it, it makes the working day seem so much longer. 434 more words


Industry -> Economy -> Androgyny

I read an article on The Guardian’s website that explored a YouGov survey conducted on British and American men, asking them to rate how “masculine” they were on a scale of 0 to 6. 297 more words


Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

(C.W. Toxic Masculinity)

“Lena, fleeing from the mirror’s spookiness, threw herself to the mercy of the dancefloors, the clubs, the places she felt best. She ran and ran, all the while begging herself to turn and look back, because maybe, there was a life different from all this running. 1,323 more words