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A Brief Look at the Evolution of Women's Fashion

by Sesona Mahlahla

Fashion week season is here and as the latest style offers hit the runways, we explore the changes that have taken place overtime. 212 more words

Iridescent Life

Trichotillomania and taking testosterone

I have a mild case of trichotillomania.  It’s come and gone during different times in my life, and it’s always been specific to the hair on my face, not on my scalp. 608 more words


Why Clothing should be Gender Less

It seems pretty standard: menswear is for men and womenswear is for women. But why has society made this distinction? The ideas of femininity and masculinity being tied to a specific gender have poisoned the world of fashion. 273 more words


First Tastes of the Fashion Industry

I’m getting dropped off at daycare and five-year-old me, dressed in a blue Thomas the Tank Engine T-shirt with fuzzy Teletubbies Rain boots, is running off before my mum can even kiss me goodbye. 544 more words

Genderless Fashion

It occurs to me, as I examine my own personal style influences, including both those I’ve written blog posts about and those I have not yet, that each of them, coincidently, are men in the public eye who have garnered some amount of attention for wearing “women’s clothing.” This got me to thinking. 1,514 more words


This Style Blogger is Fearlessly Shaking Up Gender Expectations

There are a lot of things to admire on Jonathan Acosta Abi Hassan’s Instagram. There are the plus size, genderfluid style blogger’s eyebrows, perfectly filled and arched above dark eyes. 1,793 more words

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