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Discuss how your clothes do or don’t reflect your gender: 30-Week Genderqueer Challenge part 26

This post is part of my participation in the 30-day genderqueer challenge, which I have modified to a weekly exercise.

Today’s prompt: Discuss how your clothes do or don’t reflect your gender… 324 more words

"Some people say that being competitive is acting like a man. I think it's acting like a person."

Why are many girls and women unwilling to step into leadership roles? Naomi Wolf interviews Cindy Watters, a female athlete and student body president, for more insight. 1,495 more words

Sandra Bem on androgyny

Are we all a little bit androgynous? In her book “Bisexuality: A Study”, Charlotte Wolff highlights Sandra Bem’s writings on people who do not conform to gender stereotypes. 426 more words

'gender' is culturally relative

“Some women were as tall as men or taller, of athletic build, and with as powerful a musculature as males. The development of their breasts and hips was scanty. 794 more words

The Androgyny of Fashion and Why it is Important Now

Fashion, since the 1970’s, has been in a turbulent evolution as male icons like Bowie and Prince were adorning themselves with feminine shapes, patterns and colours, and were praised and criticised for their ability to bravely wear stereotypically women’s clothes. 438 more words


7 recent LGBTQ+ films to check out

My spouse and I attended more films than ever before, at the annual LGBTQ+ film festival in our town, recently.  Most of these links are to trailers; a couple are to the film’s website directly.  580 more words


The Rise of Genderless Fashion

In 2015, UK department store Selfridges kicked off a fashion pop-up store called Agender whose clothes eliminated men and women’s sections in favor of a unisex fashion line. 469 more words