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Grunge... Cooler Than Ever ūüíÄ

While I’m not necessarily a die hard fan of grunge music, oh, give me some grunge fashion and everything that goes with it! Unbuttoned and untucked plaid flannel shirts, torn and frayed jeans, layering, tattered and oversized cardigans/coats, long shapeless tunics, black stockings with holes, beanie hats, vintage t-shirts, combat boots, worn in converse sneakers… And a “devil may care” attitude of course. 428 more words

90s Fashion

My Life So Far

When I think back upon my twenty-seven years of life two things come to mind. ¬†Oh, dear god, I’m nearly¬†thirty! ¬†and the fact that I have been living openly as a gay and gender-fluid person for a full decade now. ¬† 25 more words


Gender identity vs. gender presentation: my gender is adorable, y'all

My gender identity and my preferred presentation don’t really “match”. Which I guess is more a way of saying that my gender presentation doesn’t read true to my gender, which is a complicated thing, since the way I am read is tied up in gender norms I have no interest in complying with in the first place. 472 more words

The cost of second skin

A young fashion designer’s fight for a better tomorrow¬†

Alexandra Wall welcomes me into her cozy studio on a rainy Friday afternoon. She’s asked her two interns, a second-year fashion student and an air hostess, to take the rest of the day off so we could talk. 1,366 more words

Cardiff University