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I just finished reading Tomboy, a graphic novel by Liz Prince.  Definitely worthwhile if you come across it.  She recounts growing up as a tomboy, and continues to self identify that way, even as a 32 year old adult.  598 more words


Makeup by Milk!

I … LOVE … Milk.   So I was thrilled to find a tutorial of his on youtube.


Boyfriends for a Week pt. 3: Enter 90s androgyny

O hai.

Maybe you noticed I missed yesterday in my project. And although I’m not religious, let me just state that even God rested on Sunday. 239 more words


2 years on T without noticeable masculinizing changes

Today marks 2 years!  I bring this up each time I do one of these posts, because it’s that important: although I haven’t changed much on the outside, my internal world feels significantly different, and that’s why I stay on it.  691 more words



So my new way of life has had its ups and downs, and lots of in betweens. Despite this I wouldn’t change anything about who I have ‘grown up’ to be. 979 more words

Op-Ed: Fashion’s Bold New Future Has No Gender

Blame athleisure, that slow-burn trend that has us wearing workout clothes outside of the gym, or maybe look to the jersey dressing championed by the likes of Alexander Wang, but much of what passes for men’s and women’s clothing these days is separated by a line that’s barely perceptible. 480 more words