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Fashionable Wood: Bohten Spring/Summer 2016


Drawing inspiration from his Ghanaian roots and his love for nature, eyewear designer and founder of Bohten, Nana Boateng Osei has created lightweight, comfortable, zero-waste sunglasses made out of reclaimed wood from West Africa. 277 more words

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You Look Amazing - Thanks!

Friday afternoon, I had two surprise encounters that were both pleasing and, to some degree, disappointing.  As I have written, I enjoy venturing out dressed androgynously.  481 more words


Ambiguous Androgyny (Part 2): Deconstructing an Optical Illusion

Part 1: Recognizing an Optical Illusion
~ Part 2 in the Ambiguous Androgyny series ~

“Are you watching closely?”
– Alfred Borden (The Prestige, 2006)

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Androgyny and Indigo Children ~ Lisa Renee

As we progress in the Ascension cycle more of our Starseed and Indigo children are starting to emanate their core essence and evolutionary purpose for incarnating on the planet. 687 more words

The Journey

Summer of t-shirts #5 / Band t-shirts

I’ve been busting out some of my oldest t-shirts this summer; some of them I haven’t even looked at in years – I have them stored in a box.  431 more words


Ambiguous Androgyny (Part 1): Recognizing an Optical Illusion

~ Part 1 in the Ambiguous Androgyny series ~
Part 2: Deconstructing an Optical Illusion

Despite my detailed descriptions of the anatomic dysphoria associated with gender dysphoria, it has remained very difficult for me to explain my experience to other people in a way that is concrete and understandable to them. 2,848 more words


Androgyny Trouble

Today, for the second time this month, a stranger got confused about my gender, and left me in a position in which I had to consciously think about the fact that I’m supposed to… 1,546 more words