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CLC:Destiny's Companion App just got very useful

Bungie rolled out an update for Destiny‘s companion app for Android, iOS and the web today that makes managing your in-game inventory a lot easier. 346 more words


Forbes' Interview With Sundar Pichai Hints At An Uncoupling Of The Various Google+ Entities, Further Monetization Options On Mobile, And Google's Future Strategies

The Czar has spoken. After his anointment as Google’s Senior Vice President of Products last October, which put him in charge of Chrome, Android, search, ad technology, Google+, Maps, social, commerce and infrastructure, Sundar had been operating in incognito mode, occasionally letting loose a few… 43 more words

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The Chances of Your Texas Hold'Em Hand Winning, Visualized

The baize rubs against your wrist. A small bead of sweat rolls down your forehead. You ease the corner of your two cards from the table to glimpse at what you’ve been dealt. 36 more words

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Kanye West bursts into tears during revealing interview

LONDON —Kanye West is known for many things, most notably of late his erratic oscillations between outburst and apology. However, he showed a new side of himself this week when he burst into tears during an interview on the BBC’s Radio 1. 32 more words

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Atheist U.S. blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh

An American blogger of Bangladeshi origin who was an outspoken critic of religious extremism was hacked to death in an attack in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Avijit Roy was walking with his wife, Rafida Ahmed, in the streets of Bangladesh’s capital Thursday night when several attackers struck him with machetes… 22 more words

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Happy net neutrality day! Here are some llamas and a dress

Where were you the day the internet was freed from ISP tyranny? Apparently, you were either watching two llamas on the lam or tweeting that a clearly black and blue dress was actually gold and white. 23 more words

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