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Android Development and Its Scope

According to a major IT job site, Dice.com, job opportunities for Android operating system designers increased by 50 % in beginning 2012. Let us see what is there in… 330 more words

Android Development

Hack up an official Android development community by hack up

Welcome to official hack up android development community. Hack up is a whatsapp group for android development. Those who want to join can sms me to… 9 more words

Android Development

Are your androidTestCompile dependencies mysteriously missing?

Being a responsible devloper (sic) I like to add unit and instrumentation tests when I add or change code. For reasons Mockito disappeared from my Android instrumentation tests this morning. 170 more words


Reviewing current Android scenario in CRB Tech

Android os is the most well-known on the internet search engine Google derivative from Linux Kernel V2.6. Android os is the best and fixable mobile os and… 257 more words

Android Development

Adjusting The Android Manifest for BlackBerry 10

Written by:  James Dreher

Last month I discussed the BlackBerry Tools for Android Development SDK and how we can troubleshoot Android Install Error Codes using the… 731 more words


Android color transpanrency


Original white: #FFFFFF

50% of white: #80FFFFFF.

Follow the table below

  • 100% — FF
  • 95% — F2
  • 90% — E6
  • 85% — D9
  • 80% — CC…
  • 7 more words
Android Development

Developing a Camera App for Android Secure Work Space

Written by:  Russell Borja

The Secure Work Space (SWS) for BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12 (BES12) provides an ideal solution for compartmentalizing applications between work and personal usage. 718 more words