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Android Application Development Company – Android Apps Development For IOS, iPhone, iPad Platform in Mumbai

Android is widely used for mobile development platform and is also run through open up origin Linux operating-system. Android mobile phone is also part of your challenge LINUX (Open Source). 389 more words

Android Development Company In Mumbai

BHF: Developing a service application

  • Rationale for making the app

Several days ago, I released BHF. The rationale behind the app is simple. Accessing information from the BHF website is a long and inefficient process involving Googling, selecting the right result and then navigating the website to find what you need. 293 more words

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Why Get Free App Maker For App Ideas?

There have been lots of changes in the past decade or so in the fields of both large scale and small scale industries. This revolution has come up with creation of mobile applications and their promotion. 442 more words






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Installing Android Studio on a Mac

Over the years, setting up the android environment on a Mac was always something I’ve felt as semi-daunting; often a deterrent of sorts with all the details that one needed to get right. 962 more words


Google brings Material Design to the Web, in the form of Material Design Lite

The introduction of Material Design was one of the highlights of Android Lollipop. A majority of designers considered it an overhaul of Android’s visual elements. By introducing Material Design, Google has managed to offer a single underlying system that presents a unified visual experience across platforms and devices of different sizes. 768 more words

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Why is Android App Development Important?

If you own an Android phone or tablet, you soon learn how quickly this system can get you to where you need to be, find what you need to find, and research anything and everything you want to learn more about. 447 more words