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Pokemon Go: How to Find Other Players in Your Area

Part of the fun of Pokemon Go is playing the game with others, as the app encourages you to go out in the real world, capture gyms with friends, and perhaps even meet new people. 441 more words


'Pokemon Go' Buddy System: How Can You Walk Your Pokemon?

Pokemon Go trainers have been scouring the code of the latest release, searching for hints of what features will be coming soon in the game. They’ve found one that’s particularly exciting: a  633 more words


Pokemon Go Colored Rings Around Pokemon: What Do They Mean?

When trying to capture a Pokemon in Pokemon Go, players will notice that the ring around the creature is a slightly different color every time. This is actually an extremely useful piece of information if you know what the colors indicate. 273 more words


Pokemon Go Best Gym Attackers List: The Most Effective Pokemon to Use

Before going after a gym in Pokemon Go, you’ll want to ensure you have at least one Pokemon that is adept at taking on the enemy team’s wall of defense. 263 more words

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The Mask 3D Wiki Guide of Majora

This sport simply works with Gem versions and Pokémon Diamond; Japan variation was updated to receive Pokémon from Platinum Pokémon Farm does not use Pokémon HeartGold and versions. 322 more words

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Pokemon Go Upcoming Features: What Will Be Added in Future Updates?

Pokemon Go is an ever-evolving game, and major features are continuing to be rolled out. Since the app launched in July, we’ve seen the addition of things like appraisal, as well as the ironing out of glitches and server issues so that the experience is fundamentally different than it was a few months ago. 1,159 more words


Pokemon Go XP Calculator: How Long it Will Take You to Reach Level 40

Leveling up is a relatively frequent occurrence in the early hours of Pokemon Go, but as trainers progress through the game, it becomes more and more difficult. 352 more words