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Fino Tab - World's First Shatter Proof Tablet is now Live on Indiegogo

After the long wait, finally Fino is now live on Indiegogo, introducing the world’s first shatter proof Tablet. The reason behind the crowdfunding project is to let people aware of new product and start mass production. 279 more words


Fino is Coming up with the Indiegogo Campaign

Fino, world’s first shattered proof tablet is now all set to get launched in the market. To ensure the global visibility, Fino is reaching for Indiegogo Campaign, as crowdfunding campaign has been the foundation of so many independent products in exploring worldwide. 226 more words


Samsung- What a great cellular phone!

PDAs are currently getting the opportunity to be a need in this cutting edge society. This is not how they anticipate the phone future a few years back. 393 more words

Nokia, the most wanted cellular phones

Nokia being a famous firm is shockingly increasing 20% mobile phone entrance in the United States. This achievement is because of the two noteworthy business convergence of the organization. 362 more words

A Boy and his Android Tablet...

Being surrounded by gadgets all the time, my boys would always plead to us to use the iPad or the computer at times. We always try to keep a limit to their screen time. 418 more words


Let’s know something about the cell phones

Another incredible phone from Motorola is their Motorola E815. What makes it the number 2 best sellers for Americans? It has an EvDo or Evolution for Data Only. 311 more words

Experience the best windows 8 tablet by Lenovo

The recent discovery of the ThinkPad Tablet 2 by Lenovo seems to have it all. It is perfect in its physical form. The tablet is 10.1 inches with a massive screen size and portable in nature. 270 more words