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Sony Xperia C5 Ultra

The new Sony Xperia C5 Ultra – two sides of picture perfect the selfie phone with two 13 Megapixel cameras and a super vivid 6” display. 350 more words


Pokémon GO Plus wrist accessory has been delayed to September from its original release date of July

Along with the Pokémon GO game announcement, Nintendo said it would release a Pokémon GO Plus accessory in late July to help players stay on top of the game wherever they are and without taking their phones out of their pockets. 123 more words


Uh oh, Apple is about to ‘invent’ augmented reality

Following Apple’s earnings call on Tuesday, CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple would be “invest in AR in the long run” following the massive success… 390 more words


Runkeeper 7.0 adds running groups to challenge and motivate your friends

One of the best ways to stay motivated to exercise is by enlisting friends and doing it in groups. I can’t tell you how often I’ve gotten off my chair and walked around frantically to beat someone at a Fitbit challenge, which amounts to added activity that I would have never done otherwise. 67 more words


YouTube is testing an improved comment UI in the Android app: likes, dislikes, reactions, and sorting

Open your eyes wide because a miracle is about to happen. You know how YouTube has long had some comment tools on its website to change the sorting order and like/dislike comments? 115 more words


Oxygen OS 3.2.2 update rolling out to the OnePlus 3

The OnePlus 3 is a solid device that brought with it significant improvements over its predecessor. However, the device is not without its issues, with OnePlus 3 owners facing problems particularly on the software side of things. 192 more words


LG Display reports 91% drop in operating profit, Samsung shelves transparent OLED displays

While LG Display revenue only dropped by 13% year-over-year in Q2, operating profit was down 91% from this time last year. Those figures maybe up from Q1, but they weren’t enough to save LG Display from a net loss of 84 billion. 340 more words