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* The screenshots in the blog are from the Udacity Nanodegree Program: Become an Android Developer *


  1. Identify your provider
  2. Identify different types of data that the provider can work with
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EISA Awards – TCL 55C2US Wins Best Buy TV 2017-2018

EISA Awards – C2 Conquers the EISA Image and Sound Professionals with its technological achievements!

Paris, August 16, 2017 – The C2, the latest flagship by TCL, world’s third largest TV manufacturer, was recognized by the  457 more words

Pokemon GO: Gen 3 Shiny Ghost Pokemon Variants Teased

With Halloween just around the corner, the world of Pokemon GO is becoming invested with Ghost-type pocket monsters. Even though Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar are the most known among players, there are a plethora of other powerful Ghost Pokemon that are worth catching. 306 more words


Speed Project Generator

Project generator with more options for database settings and game preferences.


The Pixel 2 has a hidden dark mode Google isn't telling anyone about

The Pixel 2 still hasn’t been released, but reviewers are already uncovering the phone’s, ahem, darkest secrets. Android Oreo has the ability to change the phone’s theme to match your background image, so if you use a dark background on the Pixel 2, you’ll be rewarded with a cool dark mode. 206 more words

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Gmail on iOS might get what Android already had—third-party e-mail support

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Google has begun testing a new feature on the iOS Gmail app: the ability to add non-Google e-mail accounts. The change would make the Gmail app more competitive with Apple’s own Mail app and numerous other popular e-mail apps on iOS like Spark, Outlook, and Airmail. 422 more words


The detachable DxO One camera comes for Android phones

Two years ago, DxO, the world’s most popular smartphone test market, launched a small camera called DxO One that can be connected to the Lightning port for iPhones and iPads. 90 more words