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Facebook’s New Homegrown Messenger Apps Focus On Selfies, Sound And Shaking

Facebook has launched its first home-made apps for its Messenger Platform after Sound Clips (iOS/Android), Selfied (iOS/Android), Strobe (iOS/Android) and Shout (iOS/Android) went live. Stickered, an existing app that lets you plaster photos with stickers, has also been retooled for Messenger. 13 more words

Deepak Verma

North Korea's must-have gadget is a $50 media player

In North Korea, the gadget you’d probably want is a Notel. Or a Notetel, a word that attempts to shoehorn notebook and television together, describing a pretty unassuming, very popular, Chinese-made media player. 19 more words

Deepak Verma

[公告] 怪物闹钟最新版出炉的积分制度!





Jimmy Fallon performs the creepiest cover of 'Barbara Ann' with his wax figures

We’ve seen Jimmy Fallon perform amazing musical numbers with his guests throughout his run as the host of The Tonight Show. But we’ve never quite seen something like this, save for an old episode of The Twilight Zone. 35 more words

Deepak Verma

Rival tech companies haven’t been shy when it comes to Apple attack ads, but one Chinese company has definitely crossed the line in a promotion for its forthcoming Android smartphone. 76 more words

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