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The Story of Android – From Beta Version to Lollipop

Everyone knows about the common mobile app platform – The Android. Lets have a look into the story of #android from the beginning – beta to #lollipop

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You'd Never Guess That This Space-Age Gadget Was a Microscope

This beautiful piece of shiny scientific instrumentation is a brand new class X-ray microscope sitting inside a vacuum chamber at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Things have sure changed since we were at school.Read more… 10 more words

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UK motorists can contest speeding tickets online from March

In a bid to free up the time that police and prosecutors spend dealing with low level traffic offenses like speeding, the government has decided it’s time to utilise the internet. 26 more words

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TouchWiz y los cambios que nos esperan, menos aplicaciones y más personalización

A nivel de hardware, sabemos que tanto los fabricantes como muchos usuarios, aunque no cueste reconocerlo a veces, acabamos por entrar en una carrera por conseguir el terminal más potente, el más grande o el que más cámara tiene del mercado… 571 more words


How to Create a Hidden Folder on Your Android.

Ever wanted to Hide Some Photos/Videos From Foriegn Hands( Cousin,Friends)? I think it’s a necessity because there are stuff which we don’t want to show.Let’s Consider a Word Called Privacy.If this word matters you, I think you should read this article. 175 more words


Photographer captures the nutty lives of squirrels in snow

Vadim Trunov has an eye for wildlife that can make even the peskiest of squirrels seem lovable.
The Russian photographer uses high-speed lenses to capture wildlife subjects normally too challenging to photograph out in nature. 34 more words

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'This dress is why I have trust issues' and 10 other hillarious Amazon reviews of #thedress

LONDON — Amazon’s reviews are often brilliant, but one page in particular is worth keeping an eye on at the moment.
The product page for a white and gold blue and black dress has been bombarded with comment comedy since the Internet lost its mind over the issue of the item’s colour. 24 more words

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