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Revisiting Andromeda

You might recall that a while back, I shared a photo of the Andromeda galaxy that I had taken. Now to be perfectly honest that was not a particularly good photo, but it was my first ever photo of Andromeda and something of a milestone on my journey down the rabbit hole that is astrophotography. 196 more words


A UV View of Andromeda

This mosaic of M31 merges 330 individual images taken by the Ultraviolet/Optical Telescope aboard the Swift spacecraft. It is the highest-resolution image of the galaxy ever recorded in the ultraviolet. 109 more words


A Galaxy Far, Far Away

I won’t pretend that this picture is a creative achievement of any sort—I captured it at a Sony-organized night shoot during last month’s Sedona media event promoting the Sony a7RIII. 1,223 more words

Sony A7R II

Primordial Black Holes and Dark Matter

Based on observed gravitational interactions in galactic halos (galaxy rotation curves) and in group and clusters, there appears to be 5 times as much dark matter as ordinary matter in the universe. 652 more words

Dark Matter

M31 (Andromeda Galaxy)

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Taken by me


Well, looky what we have here...

That right there is the Andromeda Galaxy, also known as M31.
To those of you who read star charts, that is… 620 more words

An Appreciation