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Braving the chill tonight

gazing up at Andromeda…

I swing from Star to Star

to get to where you are.

– Jen


From Slate: "A Spiral Galaxy Defying the Cosmic Flow"


Oct. 18 2016
Phil Plait

M98, a galaxy that, for a short time, is swimming upstream against the expansion of the Universe. ESO/Acknowledgements: Flickr user jbarring… 1,031 more words

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Il cielo ad occhio nudo - La Galassia di Andromeda

Vorrei raccontare cosa si può vedere realmente alzando semplicemente gli occhi al cielo. Bisogna recarsi in luoghi bui, limpidi e asciutti. Noi astrofili ci inerpichiano con le nostre auto per le strade delle Alpi o degli Appennini, o sogniamo di recarci in Sud America, in Australia, o nel deserto africano. 449 more words


From Sky & Telescope: "Resolving Andromeda — How to See Stars 2.5 Million Light-Years Away"

Sky & Telescope

October 5, 2016
Bob King

The Hubble Space Telescope easily resolves millions of individual stars in an outer region of the Andromeda Galaxy, also known as M31. 1,477 more words

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Supernovae Destroy Dwarf Galaxies: Dark Matter is Safe

The existence of dark matter has not exactly been under threat – the ratio of dark matter to ordinary matter in the universe is well established, at about 5:1 in favor of dark matter. 455 more words

Dark Matter

Andromeda Galaxy

Andromeda is a spiral galaxy like our own Milky Way galaxy and the closest large galaxy to us. The Milky way is about 100,000 light years in diameter and Andromeda is about 140,000 light years across. 141 more words


Life unfolds like a story, revealing every character for who they are, slowly and steadily life does its job. I have asked a friend this question, many times, what do you think of life and he always laughed thinking I was funny, perhaps. 528 more words

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