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My favorite excerpt (471 words) ever written in science --- By John P. A. Ioannidis

Science at-Large on Planet F345, Andromeda Galaxy, Year 3045268

…”Planet F345 in the Andromeda galaxy is inhabited by a highly intelligent humanoid species very similar to Homo sapiens sapiens.

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Neighbours - the Cosmic Version

‘Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours…..’

It used to be a programme that I religiously watched every day as a youngster at 5.35pm – before the Simpsons at 6pm of course – and I learned a lot from Harold, Lou, Madge, Susan, Karl and whoever Holly Valance’s character was! 897 more words

Hubble Telescope Spots an Emoticon in Outer Space

In the center of this Hubble Telescope image is the galaxy cluster SDSS J1038+4849 — and it appears to be smiling back at you.

The two orange eyes of the grinning face are actually two distant… 18 more words

Space & Aviation

ISS, Cassiopeia, and M-31

Finally had an evening where the skies were clear and the temperature was above freezing! Good enough to take the camera outside and try to catch the International Space Station as it passes over my part of the world. 155 more words


most massive galaxies

Elliptical Galaxies

The most massive galaxies in the sky are giant elliptical galaxies. Their stars are on orbits that are randomly oriented within the galaxy (i.e. 401 more words


Weird X-Rays Spur Speculation about Dark Matter Detection

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Particle Physics