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Russian Cosmonaut's Day

Today, April 12, is known as Russian Cosmonaut’s Day because on April 12, 1961, Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space aboard Vostok 1. 304 more words

Skins - The Alternative Look To FM15

Good afternoon guys, today I’ll be drawing your attention to the added benefits of alternative Skins on FM15.

As with previous editions of Football Manager (FM) you have the option to change the default skin of the game to something alot more pleasing to the eye. 329 more words


Hello Galaxy!

And so begins my lifelong journey into the world beyond our own: Astronomy. Really, I should have said “worlds” in that previous sentence because there is so much more to see than our nighttime skies permits. 482 more words


M31 and Annotation

A while ago I took another picture of Andromeda Galaxy, using the telescope. My previous picture was only with the zoom lenses. Eventhough I knew Andromeda didn’t fit on the picture frame, I thought it would be a good idea to make it with more details. 258 more words



We have all watched spectacular sunsets but do any of you think that, as you watch our star dip below the horizon, you are actually travelling backwards at approximately 1000 miles per hour! 214 more words

Solar System

A is for Astronomy

The nice thing about choosing a theme that begins with the letter A is that I can use it as the first post and give you all a little introduction to what Astronomy is exactly. 776 more words


A Hundred Million Stars in 3 Minutes

In January 2015, NASA released the largest image ever of the Andromeda galaxy, taken by the Hubble telescope. Totaling 1.5 billion pixels and requiring 4.3 gigabytes of disk space, this photo provides a detailed glimpse at the sheer scale of our nearest galactic neighbor. 84 more words