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Wisconsin Threatens To Pull Jump Around, Hates Students


Madison, WI – 

Several people, all much smarter than me, have come forth with a reasonable solution to the irreverent cheer from students at University of Wisconsin football games. 309 more words

Listen to People Talk About the Ryan Braun Situation

Here are some local (read: Milwaukee) radio spots archived for your listening regarding Ryan Braun and the reports of his connection to the Biogenesis Clinic. 359 more words


Deputy Braun takes a stand

You may have come across some of the comments on Sunday from Milwaukee Brewers’ All-Star outfielder Ryan Braun after his team lost three out of four games at Wrigley Field in their series against the Chicago Cubs. 625 more words


WCHA is Doing More of a Severe Disservice to Major D1 College Hockey, What happened in Mankato proves why Commissioner Bruce McLeod must Resign

This blog is particular about politics, but time and time I break to talk of stories that need to be addressed.  This weekend, Wisconsin and Minnesota State played a big hockey game at a place that was very tough for the Badgers the Alltel Center in Mankato, MN.   825 more words