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T-minus 34 days

There are 34 days till school starts. 34 days till Capstone begins.

How I feel about that:

Also how I feel:

But right now, I mostly feel like this: 14 more words

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"The Office": Andy and Erin

“The Office” (U.S.) was one of the most outstanding and iconic comedy series that has ever aired on cable television. The mock reality series was known for its hilarious plots, witty water cooler banter and quirky office romances. 347 more words

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The Heroism of Dwight K. Schrute

I can say, without shame, that I am currently re-watching the entirety of The Office for the fifth time. That may sound completely ridiculous but I don’t apologize for the things that I enjoy, and I’ll explain in a moment why there’s a value in this habit. 980 more words


Vacation Review


I heard a lot of bashing of Vacation before I got a chance to get around to seeing it. Needless to say I was going in with very low expectations, but after hearing the writer’s were handed the opportunity to pen there he reboot of Spider-Man, I was then overcome with feelings of interest and disappointment. 374 more words

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Andy Bernard: Every compliment has to be backhanded. “Oh, I like your dress, but I’d like it more if you had prettier hair.”

Pam Beesly…

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