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Because I Choose To: The Horror and Hope of Free Will

The final battle between good and evil at the end of The Matrix Revolutions is the best part of a very flawed movie. Whatever else the… 3,311 more words


Comedy Central's 'Review' is a Merciless Indictment of Capitalism

Flavorwire is taking the final week of 2017 off, because God knows we need it. But all week, we’ll be reposting some of our favorite pieces from the year. 735 more words


The 'Review' Catfishing Episode Came True For This Couple, Albeit With A Much Happier Ending

In the hugely popular The Atlantic article “A Catfishing With a Happy Ending,” writer Jeff Maysh recounts the story of Emma Perrier and Adem Guzel, a young couple living together in London. 463 more words

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Review: The Final Season

This review contains massive spoilers for the final season of Review, and all the proceeding seasons. I urge you to watch the show (it’s only 3 seasons) before reading any further. 2,318 more words

But Is It Any Good? Derridian Responsibility to the Other in Andy Daly's Review

I’ve been thinking a lot about Andy Daly’s Review over the last few days so I figured I should maybe write something about it. Specifically, I was thinking that it might serve as an instructive point of reference for talking about Derrida’s conception of Responsibility, in that it can maybe help us strip away some of the less intuitive “ontotheological” aspects of the argument and just focus right in on the relationship between the individual (in this case, Daly’s Forrest MacNeil) and the absolute and unknowable other to whom the individual feels inextricably responsible (in this case, the show Review itself). 957 more words

Review (Season 3)

“Life. It’s literally all we have. But is it any good?”

So begins every episode of Review, Andy Daly’s nightmarishly dark comedy, which follows professional reviewer Forrest MacNeil as he reviews different life experiences. 534 more words


A Eulogy for Review

I’m not sure we’re ever going to see a show like Review with Forrest MacNeil ever again.

That’s a big statement, there’s a lot of television history to come, and the show itself was a remake of an Australian show. 733 more words

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