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A FACE IN THE CROWD (1957) -A very early look at reality TV

(WARNING: Spoilers abound!)

In 1957, Arkansas radio producer Marcia Jeffries (Patricia Neal) has air time to fill. Her radio show, “A Face in the Crowd,” consists of folksy interviews with down-to-earth citizens. 447 more words

Skillet Lickers Bilin' Cabbage Down

These here fellas were known as The Skillet Lickers way back in the 1920s. Now before you go thinking one of them licked too much skillet, the one with the hair like a dead man’s curve was legally blind, but Riley Puckett was quite the vocalist. 87 more words


Mayberry Yearns for Andy

Mount Airy, North Carolina is the home town of actor Andy Griffith. Today the town looks like it did when the television show that bears his name was popular. 422 more words

Seinfeld - Andy Griffith Similarities

Plot similarities:

  • A British man gets into a car accident and is sentenced to be Andy Griffith’s butler
    • Jerry and George write a TV pilot script premised on a man without car insurance sentenced by a judge to be Jerry’s butler 
  • 327 more words

Blu-Ray Review: The Ghost And Mr. Chicken (1966).

Directed by Alan Rafkin
Written by James Fritzel and Everett Greenbaum
Cinematography: William Margulies
Music by Vic Mizzy

Cast: Don Knotts (Luther Heggs), Joan Staley (Alma Parker), Liam Redmond (Kelsey), Dick Sargent (George Beckett), Skip Homeier (Ollie Weaver), Reta Shaw (Mrs. 435 more words

DVD/Blu-ray Reviews

Law Enforcement: More Art than Sanctification

Mencken finds wisdom from the mayor of Toledo:

There are, to be sure, on the scrolls of the State, and on the books of the city, statutes and ordinances which forbid the commission of certain sins, and even enlarge venial offenses to the proportions of crimes for the sake of prohibiting them; and, having enacted this legislation, society seems to be content, because the theoretical remedy has been provided against evil.

114 more words
Wilderness Wanderings