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TV Needs More Mayberry!

Rarely does my family watch Network Television.

If we do, I hold my hand securely on the remote with my finger on the mute button. The TV dilemma is two-fold: Either the content is inappropriate or the commercials are “not ready for Prime Time.” 232 more words

Don't Leave Home Without It

I can’t believe I’m old enough to say this but back in the day, whenever I left the house, I didn’t have a cell phone in my purse. 596 more words


Movie Review - "A Face in the Crowd" (1957)

Imagine if Charles Foster Kane was a country singer instead of a newspaper man, and you’ll get “A Face in the Crowd.”

Actually, that is not an enitrely fair description. 661 more words


The Prize Fighter (1979)

A screenwriter could go anywhere with a title like that. A Rocky knock-off. A straight forward drama of a young fighter’s rise thru the ranks or more than likely¬†an ABC television movie of the week starring an actor moonlighting from his weekly TV show. 745 more words

Daily Take

Surprising Facts About Your Favorite Vintage TV Shows

Surprising Facts From “The Andy Griffith Show”
  • Andy and Barney were first introduced as cousins, but that concept got scrapped by the end of Season 1.
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Barney Milton Fife? Singing Cartwrights? Lucy Ricardo beat President Eisenhower in what? Loved reading through these fun facts on vintage TV shows :)