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BIG STAR - " The Albums "

Big Star—one of the great and greatly underappreciated American bands of the 20th century, once merely a cult loved band, but now their fame has grown into something closer to a full-blown religion . 1,119 more words


Short Story in a Song — "September Gurls"

There is an important moment in every budding rock musician’s life when they first discover Big Star.  Although the they never achieved mainstream success during their original run in the early 70s, their legacy as a quietly influential rock band is unquestionable at this point. 269 more words

BIG STAR - " Radio City " Classic Albums Originally Released 1st February 1974

Big Star have the tagline of “cult band” following them wherever they go. It’s tragic considering their world conquering ambitions – embedded in their album titles like… 245 more words